Started by Jeremy Blackman, August 24, 2021, 04:56:23 PM

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Wot in tarnation lol

Shoutout to whoever is getting the listicle bag at slashfilm, I guess?

Jeremy Blackman

I genuinely think that article is hilarious though.


Gypsy never happened.
It was all a dream.


Now I'm pissed all over again that Teenage Bounty Hunters didn't get a second season. That show was so much better than it had any right to be.
My house, my rules, my coffee


I kept thinking "this is the one, right? This one must be real"



I dropped them from my RSS susbscriptions early last week.

Jeremy Blackman

Their news team and core staff is doing good work while the site is simultaneously filled with a stream of clickbait sludge. It's confusing and depressing.

Personally I just follow the writers I like on Twitter, and they'll usually tweet something they're especially proud of. Seems like an okay solution.

Jeremy Blackman

I'm listening to the 1000th episode of Slashfilm Daily. As the podcast begins and the intros are in a new order, they reflect/joke about how the hierarchy has changed slightly. Which leads to this sidebar about how many writers they have now:

Peter: "And then we have like a whole features side that's writing, like, features for the site, which I think there's another 20 or 30 people, so..."

Jacob: "That's a whole separate team. You know I... I talk with that team, but they operate... more or less independently, except when we have questions for each other. It's a whole thing now."

(Jacob also refers to it as a "restructuring.")

This is basically what I suspected. After the acquisition, Slashfilm was allowed to go on doing its thing with news and reviews, but now they also have a Features side producing clickbait, which operates mostly independently like an editorial board or something.

Jeremy Blackman

^ Sooo that turned out to be one of the best podcast episodes I've heard all year. Listen to it just for the set visit stories.

Jeremy Blackman

This is a huge get and honestly bodes well for the site.

Fingers crossed that he eventually writes for them too. And get Scott on the podcast ASAP!

Jeremy Blackman

Neil makes an interesting point blaming, in part, the entertainment industry for failing to support independent media. And it might be too late to go back; the damage has been done.

Just as an aside: Slashfilm is not owned by private equity (it would be much worse). Static Media is owned by venture capital and Mark Cuban. But clearly the SEO game is similar and is seen as a requirement for survival, especially for a website with a huge staff.