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Started by Robyn, July 01, 2019, 03:31:19 PM

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I ordered this one the other day. Looks like a nice collection.

Also very interested in this one. Don't kink shame me!


This one looks very nice too. Quite expensive, though.


From Mary Frey's 'Real Life Dramas' (1984-1987)

Quote from: Mary FreyThese photographs, which appear to be documentary, are entirely preconceived and set-up. The texts, which are photographically generated and printed in the white space of the images, appropriate the language of popular dime store fiction.



QuoteOver the course of the 1970s, Yoshiyuki spent many evenings alongside the nocturnal voyeurs. He became friendly with them, joining their ranks. But when he took pictures, his focus wasn't the lovers who came to fool around, but the Peeping Toms themselves. Yoshiyuki was stalking the stalkers.
"My intention was to capture what happened in the parks, so I was not a real 'voyeur' like them," he told the New York Times in 2007. "But I think, in a way, the act of taking photographs itself is voyeuristic somehow. So I may be a voyeur, because I am a photographer."

Yoshiyuki's series "The Park" certainly exposes the visceral, naughty thrill of voyeurism. It also addresses sexual freedom and fetish; privacy and surveillance; and the dark, uncomfortable spaces where they all mingle. In some images, groups of fully dressed men stare at clutching couples—both hetero- and homosexual—who are blissfully unaware of their audience. In others, the peepers more actively participate, unbuttoning their pants or inching so close to the lovers that they can (and occasionally do) touch them.


Eugene Richards - Cocaine True Cocaine Blue

'Eugene Richards captures the crack epidemic in three impoverished neighborhoods; Red Hook Housing Project, East New York, and North Philadelphia. ' The photo book itself iz accompanied by dialogue from the people within the communities.


Los Angeles 'landscapes' and its resulting pedestrian architecture via commerce hubz 

@wilberfan i think you'll really appreciate this perspective ~


Interesting.  It's not an obvious subject for a photo project--which instantly makes it perfect, I suppose.

Based on her tortured pronunciations in a couple of places, she's not a non-native SoCal-er--which would give her a fresh perspective on the subject, to be sure.