Release Dates for 2002 Movies

Started by life_boy, January 13, 2003, 12:29:17 PM

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Is it just me or does it seem that the studios are holding back any movie that has absolutely any shot at awards back to try and build buzz/word-of-mouth to an eventual wider release early the next year.  This is nothing new during Oscar season, but it just seems to me that they seem to be doing this with every movie that has a chance in hell.  About Schmidt, Adaptation, The Hours, Chicago, Antwone Fisher, Talk to Her, The Pianist, Igby Goes Down, 25th Hour, Nicholas Nickelby, Max, Confessions of a Damgerous Mind are the movies I'm talking about.  Does anyone else think the studios are going a little overboard and might end up hurting some of these films' awards' chance because of this?

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Igby Goes Down came out awhile ago. But I agree with what you are saying and I dont like it. This year there were often weeks without good movies coming out, or ones I wasnt interested, and then like the last 3 weeks there is a glut of movies I want to see but dont have the time to see all of them.


Academy members and other members eligible to cast nominations and vote for their respective awards receive screener copies of the films so that members who aren't able or don't leave their homes or just as a reminder to them are still able to see the films. Here's a copy of the one for "PDL":

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Oh yes, I would very much like to consider that.


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This slow-rollout release bull shit has irritated me for some time now, and it seems to have worsened 10x over since the success that "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" enjoyed with that kind of slow build. It irritates me when I have to wait months and months to see a film that people in N.Y. and L.A. have been seeing for an extended period of time.
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I hear you.  The only movies released last week in my town were 'Antwone Fisher' and 'Just Married'.  I don't want to see 'Just Married' and I can wait to see 'Fisher'.  I hope something good starts this Friday.