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Started by Jeremy Blackman, March 08, 2016, 03:51:00 PM

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Here Are The Los Angeles Theater Chains Reopening As Covid Restrictions Are Lifted

QuoteYou can count on AMC. The chain's CEO Adam Aron said today on Fox Business Network, "It'll take a few days to assemble staff but all protocols are set and we will open L.A. theaters one week from tomorrow, no matter what."

QuoteCinemark has shown to be ready whenever cities have lifted their Covid restrictions.

QuoteTCL has the Chinese 6 and the Imax Chinese Theatre here in town. I hear that the chain's owners were on a conference call at the time of this report to deliberate whether or not to reopen next weekend. Stay tuned.

QuoteDeadline has learned from art house chain Laemmle...won't reopen for another four to five weeks from this weekend.

QuoteArclight cinemas, which has the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, will take some time to come back online.  The chain is waiting for more tentpole feature product to be released by the studios.

QuoteMarch 26
Nobody (Uni)

March 31
Godzilla v. Kong (WB/Legendary/HBO Max)

April 2
The Unholy (Sony)

April 9
Voyagers (Lionsgate)

April 16
Mortal Kombat (New Line/HBO Max)

April 23
Separation (Open Road)
The Wrath of Man (UAR)

May 7
Black Widow (Disney)

May 14
Those Who Wish Me Dead (WB/HBO Max)
Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (Sony)

May 21
Spiral (Lionsgate)
Free Guy (20th/Disney)

May 28
Cruella (Disney)
A Quiet Place II (Paramount)

(Not a very 'Soggy' list yet.)


'Pig' Director Michael Sarnoski To Helm Adaptation Of Graphic Novel 'Sabrina'
The Playlist

Sarnoski has his next directing gig lined up. "Sabrina," based on Nick Drnaso's acclaimed 2018 graphic novel of the same name, follows a grieving man who goes to live with an old friend who works as an Air Force surveillance expert after his girlfriend goes missing. However, after media outlets receive a tape and Sabrina's disappearance goes viral, the two men become targets of conspiracy theorists that threaten the bonds of their friendship.

Sarnoski writes and directs "Sabrina" through New Regency and RT Features. The pair of production companies have teamed up before on James Gray's 2019 film "Ad Astra" and Robert Eggers' sophomore feature from the same year, "The Lighthouse." That hopefully guarantees Sarnoski an auteurist level of control on the project.


Didn't see Pig, but I read this a couple years ago on a friend's recommendation and really liked it. Felt like it captured the state of the modern world circa 2018 while resolutely being set in physical space instead of within the screens we all occupy. Digital communication pervades it, but the panels capture the isolation and mundanity of the physical world post their appearance in a unique way you don't see in film, anymore. We look at characters in their houses, their rooms, as if from the vantage point of an invisible observer, the camera's eye, not connected by digital string. In that way it feels like a 90s American indie movie but set in the present.

some pages are available to preview on Amazon