True Detective

Started by Punch, January 13, 2014, 07:42:56 AM

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Jeremy Blackman

Seriously though, what a cast. And what a mustache.


I really think this season is going to do for Colin Farrell what the first season did for McConaughey. Farrell can be so goddamn good in the right roles.
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I hope it does the same for Taylor Kitsch. He had a huge promising career and it all blew up after John Carter and Battleship. He deserves something good.


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gif poster!

not great, but i fully support the concept of the gif poster


True Detective Season 2: Trailer

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Rachael McAdams training with the knife looks very badass, and not like the fake badass shit you see that permeates a lot of television and movies. real shit. anyway I really enjoyed the marriage of Cary F and Nic P.
I am not sure who is directing these episodes but overall the cast does not get me hyped like the cast from the 1st season.

Cary F made history along with his crew in my book, that amazing long take SHOT on 35mm rivals anything I have seen in both television and movies. Alejandro & Cuaron always cheat when they say they have a long take, its not a real long take with invisible CGI edits and the fact that its shot digitally, not on film, ( birdman ) instantly takes it off the list of real long takes, but I have a strict criteria, I guess. However that said, it is still taxing on the actors and they get props for keeping "it up" for so long.


season 2 opening wasn't good...right?
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I liked it. I think it's in a bit of an impossible situation, where if it's too much like season one, people will say it's repeating itself, and if it's not enough like season one, people will say it's lost what made it special. So far, it's not much like season one, and that's fine. It's its own beast. Farrell and McAdams are predictably great so far. Kitsch hasn't had much chance to show nuance yet, but I expect that to change as the season goes on. Vince Vaughn was also there.

Regardless, it's been one episode. The people heralding the demise of True Detective are being reactionaries for the sake of being reactionaries.
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I liked it too but I honestly couldn't follow what the hell was happening for most of it. Need to watch again tonight. Some of the dialogue was pretty bad though. I couldn't tell if it was the actors not being able to sell Nic Pizzolatto's dialogue like Mcconaughey or if the dialogue itself was stilted and trying too hard.


I thought it was badly written in season 1. I think it's badly written now. But now I miss season 1.

When Don Drapers looks gloomy in the void, something probably happened in the episode. It has meaning. Here everyone was looking very exhausted, looking in the void. In the first minutes of the season. We don't even know who they are.

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Come on guys, this is an ensemble story, so let's give it some time to unfold. I really liked it. Feels like a very solid first episode. It was legitimately thrilling how the leads converged at the end.

The Wire's influence is coming through stronger than ever this season, especially in a few scenes. I can see that fading, unless they bring back police department politics and artificial deadlines.

Strangely, I hated the theme song, but loved all the music that came after it.

Farrell and McAdams are already rich and intense, in a story that is clearly going to get richer and more intense. So that's exciting. I did not like David Morse. (And I always like David Morse.) I have really been trying to give Vince Vaughn a chance lately (despite my reservations), but he needs more to do.

There was a little too much transparent exposition, especially in Rachel McAdams's scenes. I started cringing each time the words "sister" and "daughter" and "father" were spoken. I appreciate the need to establish relationships quickly, but some of those exchanges were designed to draw a family tree in our minds.

The dialogue did feel novelistic, but there were 3 or 4 superb quotable lines. The last one being: "I think you're supposed to savor that." / "Let me try again."


It's definitely not as bad as people are making it out to be, at least not yet.  I do think it's missing one key component, though: humor.  You gotta have some humor in there.  That's where I'm missing Woody and McConaughey most (so far).

Jeremy Blackman

Quote from: Tictacbk on June 24, 2015, 12:15:21 PM
It's definitely not as bad as people are making it out to be, at least not yet.  I do think it's missing one key component, though: humor.  You gotta have some humor in there.  That's where I'm missing Woody and McConaughey most (so far).

Good points. There was some humor, but it was mostly difficult to interpret as such, since it was usually something sick coming out of Farrell's corrupt detective. Like the things he said to the bully. Although, his Stephen Hawking line was funny.


Its pretty bad actually but there was some good moments, mainly the writing, in the scene with david morse and mcadams.

Its laying it on THICK in a way it didn't in the first season. McAdams getting shit faced at the casino and her throwing her cup at the bodyguards...that crane shot was totally unnecessary but I must remember the words of maestro Bertolucci, crane shots give him boners lol...speaking of shots the best one was that drone shot at the end, pretty cool!

in terms of story its lame.. It is nice to see Vaughn return to dramatic acting but I feel he is miscast but I will continue to watch it. Collin Farell beating up his sons bully's father was laughable, not to mention is drinking and cocaine use, its like this is beginning to become a cliche.  That song too....this is my least favorite life.....

the show really started in the last 5ms, everything else was prologue so the reviewers who were trashing it were just fucking tools feeding off each others write ups. 

my problem is with the casting and the way the show just is shot, aesthetically speaking, it is lacking. The most interesting characters are Antigone ( some idiot reviewer said her name was ridiculous, but this tool failed to watch the episode, her father is on some insane hippy trip so the name works, I think her sister who does the porn is named Athena. I don't get why they would bust up a webcam porn ring, what a waste of man power and resources for something that is legal especially given that they are in California.

It was hard to follow and at one moment I thought the spainsh lady who said help me find my missing sister or daughter was the girl banging taylor kitch. What was going on during his head during his BJ? Does he have PTSD? Was  he in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Collin Farrell was not good at all here, Taylor Kitcsh is going to be the Rust. From a tech stand point how the fuck are they going to outdo that long take? That long take from TRUE DETECTIVE SEASON 1 might be the greatest long take since opening of Bonfire of the Vanities ( which is an awful movie but that opening long take through the world trade center is outstanding) or Touch of Evil.