True Detective

Started by Punch, January 13, 2014, 07:42:56 AM

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So this show is the real deal hey?

Will start watching it tonight.


Quote from: Lottery on January 30, 2014, 01:58:56 AM
So this show is the real deal hey?

If you don't mind quality over the quantity (I have seen some ranting on Xixax about British mini-series) answer is yes. It reminds me "Mad Men" a bit - it is driven by tension, not action so far. "Investigate the investigators" - I'll repeat that as it is good phrase to describe the show. We know a lot more about detectives than case itself. Detectives are very different, to the point of contrast, yet it isn't comical/stereotypical difference. It looks like a film: lots of external shots (those locations), beautiful composition for wide shots etc. What more to say?
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Liking it so far. Two main characters are quite interesting and it has a cool atmosphere. For a crime show it feels pretty 'chill' which is nice.
It's funny you bring of quantity vs quality Mel, I just hope it ramps up and resolves itself properly. Maybe because I want to see more of the case or maybe there's a fullness to these characters that I want to see more of.


It's weird...sometimes the show gets "talky" near the beginning and you think it's all going to be exposition, touching on some themes you think they've been over before, but then before you know it the show, for lack of a better word, "happens". So three eps. in and I'll recommend it to others.


Episode 4 - HOLY SHIT. It reminded me of what parts of the Pusher movies do.


That long take was pretty damn impressive.


under the paving stones.


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That long take was pretty damn impressive.

That was quite something - episode is worth watching for last 10 minutes alone. It looks like two 3 minutes long shots stitched together. Camera tilts only one time and I would suspect that police helicopter on black background is the place where cut is. There is also moment later on, when camera stay on wall a bit longer - could be wrong there. Still it doesn't take away anything for me, quite the opposite as it is smart thing to do. Fukunaga talks a little about sequence:

Simple mind - simple pleasures...


Apparently they worked in possible edit points, but what wound up in the show was the actual 6 minute uninterrupted take. I loved the small bits like Cohle peeking out the bedroom window and hearing the suspicion brewing outside.
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It reminded me of what parts of the Pusher movies do.


The intensity -- gradually rising tension without relief until stress levels reach breaking point (combined with) Harrelson's personal problems in this episode. The unbearable self-loathing, his pent up rage stemming from self-hate becoming violence directed at other people.


Last 10 or so minutes were amazing. Slow burn drama leads to incredible action sequence. Good show.


Oddly I noticed the editing in the first half of the episode was a bit choppy, where they might drop you into the middle of a scene and place a flashback within the overall flashback, that type of thing, and I wondered if the episode was kind of losing it's narrative traction. By the end of the episode, I felt as if that was done to counteract what we would be encountering in that last chunk of the story. Whether not that's the case, well done Cary Fukunaga & co.  :bravo:


just watched all four in a row.
this show has sealed itself as penultimate shows of this era.
this show makes the wire look like jake and the fat man and i will fight anyone that has a problem with that.
and p.s. that long shot will go down in history. this man translated gaspar noe to television.



It looks fucking great and it's addictive. But the characters are cliché and some storylines are just bad (Marty and his wife, especially.) Anyway, it works because, again, it looks great and the interviews make it so much more interesting.


If you think this is going to have a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.