West Side Story

Started by eward, September 15, 2021, 08:45:41 AM

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Best thing about Lincoln was when the guy goes ..."Hooow Daaare Yooou..."

That has be like the top of a mountain for an actor, right? To be directed by a legend in a movie about a legend, in full period costume with muttonchops and everything, delivering a line like that, center frame, with a push in.

I should watch it again, I'm sure there's more I should remember...

Meanwhile, I've seen BFG like 5 times. Love it.

Oh, and I'm excited for WSS.
New Name, Same Typos.


I would personally argue that – excluding The Terminal, which isn't very good – the run from AI to Munich is the pinnacle of Spielberg's career so far. I think a case can be made that all of those movies (AI, Minority Report, Catch Me If You Can, War of the Worlds, Munich) are masterpieces, in their different ways.

I wonder if fatigue from being so consistently awesome explains how he fell so far so fast with the woeful Crystal Skull.


I think The Terminal stinks lol easily his worst. I rewatched Crystal Skull fairly recently and, while it is on the whole quite bad, the first hour or so is sort of watchable. But at a certain point it just descends into CGI hell and there's no going back.

But yes that run, if not quite the pinnacle for me, is an elongated period of pretty sustained greatness, particularly the first three films. His true pinnacle imo has got to be Raiders through Schindler, the only hiccups being Always - which I have an unironic soft spot for - and Hook. His producer credits from that period too - Back to the Future, Poltergeist, Gremlins, Roger Rabbit, Goonies, etc - help kick it over the top.

Hell, before that, starting with Duel, his only misstep is 1941, which, despite coming up rather short in the laughs department, is still pretty impressively crafted.

What can I say? He's got talent.


Jesus, Marty is amazing as Jiminy....  :rofl:

And I really liked The Terminal. :therethere:


"Steven, when are ya gonna make THE BIG ONE?" Lolz


I cringed ever since the news came out of this being made and once it was released I doubted the praise, but once I saw it it blew me away.

It's not only the virtuosic, impeccable mise en scene, beautiful compositions and lighting, great performances all around and of course catchy tunes. It really turns emotional and involving despite the obvious artificiality. The energy of the musical numbers becomes infectious.

Spielberg stages, shoots and cuts this film as if he's been making musicals for 50 years. You can watch it in mute and have a blast.

Also, there's a scene with Rita Moreno (a new take on an old number apparently) that unexpectedly moved me for real.

This film's been the big surprise of the awards season for me. Totally didn't saw it coming.