West Side Story

Started by eward, September 15, 2021, 08:45:41 AM

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I really wish he'd ditch Kaminski already.


Really, why? The cinematography looks pretty gorgeous to me. There aren't many studio films these days that look this good.


It looks good, it's just every movie they've made in the last twenty years more or less looks like this, with minor variations.

Bring Back Cundey!!!!!


I'm just hoping that this marks the start of a career revival for Spielberg, because everything since Bridge of Spies has not really been up to snuff, in my opinion.


I am in the minority of people that actually quite enjoyed Ready Player One, but I basically agree with you.


I should've said everything after Bridge of Spies. I actually like BOS more than anything he's done since that great run in the early noughties.

Anyway, fingers crossed for this!


I'm not a fan of Spielberg/Kaminiski's desaturated(?) color but this looks immaculate. It's all about the staging and blocking anyway

Bridges of Spies was solidly crafted. Ready Player One was confused but fine. Haven't greatly enjoyed anything since Munich/War of Worlds in 2005


Agree with Rudy, Bridge of Spies is a masterpiece, and sits right next to A.I./Minority/Catch, which was one of the strongest runs of his career. I dig 3/4 of War of the Worlds and Lincolnz cool too, but otherwise it's a pretty spotty output mid-aughts on.

But I still love the guy.


Since we're looking back, the last Spielberg that really impressed me was Munich.   I enjoyed the stretch from A.I. thru Munich.  (Although I liked the front, "Kubrick-half" of A.I.  The "Spielberg-half" disappointed me.)

War Horse turned me into Moonwatcher from '2001':  I wanted to smash things.


Quote from: wilberfan on September 15, 2021, 06:19:52 PM
I enjoyed the stretch from A.I. thru Munich.  (Although I liked the front, "Kubrick-half" of A.I.  The "Spielberg-half" disappointed me.)

The "Spielberg-half" is more Kubrick than people realize.


I actually kinda dug War Horse. It's like Au Hasard Balthasar for kids. Underrated IMO.


Yeah I liked War Horse too. Also one of the few people I know who liked The Post.

Agree about his work with Kaminski looking a bit samey - I do trust that he will shoot the dancing well though, not just relentless cuts and not showing people's feet as seems to be the norm now.


I couldn't get into War Horse. I watched Tin-Tin in 3D last summer and had a good time; watched Hugo in 3D directly after and was so blown away that the joys of Tin-Tin faded pretty quickly.

I recall liking The Post the one time I saw it in theaters; it was nearing the end of Trump: Year I and I really needed it. No idea if it would hold up now.

The BFG had some sporadic magic but ultimately rang pretty hollow. I don't disagree with any criticisms leveled at Ready Player One but I still think that movie is a blast.

So yeah, Bridge of Spies is a masterpiece.

Fuzzy Dunlop

I wasn't blown away by Lincoln in theaters but the rewatch value is insane, I'm always throwing that shit up on Sunday afternoons. There is something so cozy about that one.


Oh Lincoln is super cozy, for sure. Especially on a chilly fall Sunday...wrap yourself in a cable-knit, maybe with a cup of Earl Grey and a cookie, and watch Lincoln...throw on a little Amistad afterward if you're feeling adventurous.