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that's like a VHS cover of a 1995 movie. it's kind of nostalgic, in a way, of an age when people were less demanding about good graphic design and were okay with three human beings posing as robots in their movie posters. i can already see that font jittering with acid colors in the title cards.

haha, my exact thoughts.  :yabbse-thumbup:

it's like one of those vhs you would see at the dollar store while your babysitter is shopping for an ashtray.
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gosh is that crowded. WTF am I supposed to look at?


I can only hope whoever made that cover was commissioned on a volunteer basis and wasn't paid for it.

That still doesn't forgive the issue of it being what is actually being used for the cover.
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I just never want to see that movie now, and it could be really good!


Old awesome Ten Commandments DVD cover:

New pukeworthy Ten Commandments Blu-Ray cover:


They should call this film "What Happened to Our Faces?"


They just rearranged the photos for the season 2 cover!


That's Juanita from Billy Madison! I LOVE HER.


she is a fine piece of work... She's a fine piece of ass though too!
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Yowza Yowza Yowza


what can you say when you come up against this dvd cover while looking for movies to buy download


didn't know exactly where to put this:

"These movie posters were all created by artists in Ghana to promote traveling movie shows and sell tickets to bootleg screenings of various western and local movies. These posters range from quirky recreations of the original movies to WTF inducing paintings with imagery completely unrelated to the original content."

- Like 80 more of them.

I imagine this is what Bruce Lee has been doing with his time since crazy-eyed Elvis. (where have the pictures gone! NO!!)
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I guess that's supposed to be Kodak red and yellow, but its still ugly.


Well I'm glad that Sharon Knolle of AOL Moviefone loved it so much. Also, yes, that's ugly as fuck.