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This is getting silly.


got it from netflix today


A peelback of Nico laughing would make that cover better and worse at the same time.
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I like that cover though.  

How's the film?  I'm a huge VU/Nico fan (not to mention Warhol).  I've read "Songs They Never Play On The Radio" (may not be exact title), the bio written by her keyboard guy from the 1970s...  what a strange life she had.

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Quote from: RaviThis is getting silly.

dude, i laughed for a straight hour after see that!!  good job!!!
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how about bad photoshopping on covers? The long kiss goodnight (the one where geena davis' head isn't joined to her body) springs to mind. As does the human nature DVD cover with patricia Arquette's head put onto Brigitte Nielsen's body.
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Well, I've got news for you pal, you ain't leadin' but two things: Jack and shit . . . and Jack just left town.


I love how everything has an unrated version these days..

There oughta be a disclaimer at the bottom.. "5 seconds of boobs flashed during Chapter 6!"



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context, context, context.


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Not only is that cover aesthetically horrible, but it makes no sense.  Where the hell are they, in a park?  Why are they so happy?  What city is that behind them?  It sure as hell doesn't look like Las Vegas, Reno, Anahiem or Salt Lake City...or fucking Willard, Utah for that matter.


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The Miramax Collector's Series covers are surprisingly ugly.



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what the hell. that's hilariously off the mark. seriously, the sepia tone, the triple frame-within-a-frame, brenda fricker scoring a field goal, the notorious half-face looking slightly off camera. what the hell.
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