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context, context, context.


That sums the show up pretty well.


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Skeleton FilmWorks

B.C. Long

I didn't know Christopher Walken was in that.


under the paving stones.


grand theft sparrow

or Alan Arkin.

I'll buy that but I'm putting the new disc in the old case.  See if I don't.


grand theft sparrow

The hand pointing to the clock... is that really necessary? 

At least with the original poster, Bill Murray is only seen in the clock.  We get it; he's stuck in time.  From this cover, we're made to believe that the movie is about Bill Murray playing a narcissistic clockmaker who obsessively points out to everyone that his clocks are a metaphor for his feelings about getting older.  He is both held hostage by time and running out of it too quickly.  Andie MacDowell, as we understand from her look of enticement towards his receding hairline, is clearly the only one who gets him.  They fall in love and he dies unexpectedly at the exact same time that his great grandfather's pocket watch, which has miraculously never needed to be wound in 100 years, finally stops running.

They should have just changed the title to Clockblocking while they were at it.


I hate getting Clockblocked. I usually ask the prostitute up front if this is going to be a problem.
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looks like bill murray's right eyebrow is going awol.


The actual design is middling, but the banner with Seinfeld's face in it makes it worse.


Only augmented by the Gene Shalit quote.


Seinfeld peek-a-boo!

Actually, that shot makes it look like he's trying out for the intro to The Brady Bunch.  Or possibly he's looking into a second career as the top middle square on Hollywood Squares.
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