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Started by Montclair, September 21, 2021, 09:35:17 PM

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A fun thought : inside the mind of a putative PTA on the cinematic move as Scroob types : You'all in the Industry are burning energy on the awards circuit, expenditure otherwise channeled into art, while I, thank God, am doing it. You're chatting about the dream over cocktails. Me? I'm inside the dream; I'm burning film. And just wait till you get a load of me.

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Initially, from the bts clips, i also felt their was a touch of 'comic' 'zany' 'irreverence' (leo's wardrobe?) brewing with this movie (and i'm sure there still is, PTA is a tonal g) but NOW, having scrambled in the dark, with a few more random bits of bts from this week, which i am hyped and grateful for, the movie ALSO feels: frantic (skulking around) chaotic, paranoid, IN MOTION (car chases, running from police) and therefore propulsive! Teyana running from the cops, shiiiiiiii, I hope this stuff makes it into the picture!

The camera set ups for the police chases have been really interesting (a lot of movement) and the Vista Vision talk is cool (some of Poor Things is Vista Vision madness courtesy of Robbie Ryan)

Whether this is Vineland or not, one of my issues with PTA and Pynchon's IV Movie is that it felt a bit stilted, almost as if the movie had happened already and we were picking up some sort of replay feedback fumes (weed blowback?) somewhat like a hallucogenic staged play in parts (which maybe should've been even more trippy? too much loyalty to the text, perhaps?)

Whereas Phantom Thread felt so highly charged (the crackling fire from the off OMG delicious) drifting through rips in space-time with those amazing cross dissolves that pierced the veil to offer up spectral delights, yet with this furious, raw, viscious and delicous English interplay between all the live wire leads. (i've got a friend who is just like woodcock the twat, same freakin energy) But everyone in that movie LIVE WIRE, electric!!!! Locations costumes all so ALIVE and carrying so much of the load story wise....

Scrobby, when you spoke of revengers tragedy, I was hoping for a TWBB vibe with this one - something operatic, epic, highly focused, singular with a propulsive force guiding us out into the nether regions and emotionally violent gushers of its own (maybe cos subconsciously I want this to echo TWBB and be a cultural juggernaut with this budget and interest and TWBB is his 'biggest' movie to date (maaan, i still remember people who weren't PTA fanatics until that movie walking around talking about Milkshakes) But I digress, who TF knows what the hell this is!?!?!?!

I'm hoping it's electrical, full of sparks and shocks, even if it is a scattershot panorama or a more episodic portrait fare like Licorice Pizza, whatever tf it is, please let it be LIVE WIRE PTA!!!!

Rattle the fckin cages Paul, movies are kinda boring af right now. It took Godzilla Minus One to wake my ass up. Pls, Rattle Rattle Rattle and electrocute!     


Quote from: max from fearless on February 13, 2024, 06:23:10 PMRattle the fckin cages Paul, movies are kinda boring af right now. Pls, Rattle Rattle Rattle and electrocute!     

Now this is art! It wakes us up. It's what we need. Art is the greatest therapeutic tool available to the human soul—if we know how to use it.

Max's excitement! Our excitement! This is why first-rate artists should be fostered and cherished.

Knock it out of the park, PTA! Knock us all out. To give us food for thought, and therein, hopefully, make us better, more thoughtful people.

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Whatever the genre mashup, whatever the tone, whatever the film stock, whatever amount of people running appears in the movie, I am confident that PTA moved Vineland's setting from the 1980s to the present because he has something meaningful to say about the 2020s.


Quote from: Find Your Magali on February 14, 2024, 09:17:06 AMWhatever the genre mashup, whatever the tone, whatever the film stock, whatever amount of people running appears in the movie, I am confident that PTA moved Vineland's setting from the 1980s to the present because he has something meaningful to say about the 2020s.

Agreed. On 30 Jan Scroob remarked :

Also, many Elizabethan revenge tragedies have a social element to them; that is to say, the genre was used to comment on the dystopic conditions of the time.

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I love this sentence on Vineland's (the novel) Wikipedia page:

Paul Thomas Anderson has spoken many times of his love for, and desire to adapt, the novel. As of February 2024, it is heavily rumored and believed only on the fringes to be true that he has finally begun filming this adaptation, with first time collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of Zoyd Wheeler.



Hey, that makes ME fringe!!  That's a cool thing to be, right?  8-) 

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Wow that's exciting to see!

the 500T and 1 stop push might be a clue he's going for a rougher texture like on IV and PT, love seeing the Leica glass, the 1.85 ratio was confirmed in recent BTS footage, my favorite morsels that get leaked are all the little hints to how it will look.

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There sure seem to be a lot of car chases/driving scenes

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Quote from: Achpi on February 21, 2024, 01:12:29 PMvariety says the budget is 115m, leo got 20.


From the same article - now praying this film is a hit, because I hate the tone of the following, who the hell are these execs across town and what the hell have they made that will be remembered in 20 fckn years, the audacity of these folks:

But executives across town believe Warners' math sometimes doesn't add up, with the studio decried as fiscally irresponsible. The Anderson film, for instance, was greenlit with a $115 million budget, according to sources. Underscoring the gamble, none of the director's movies has crossed $80 million at the box office. His latest, 2021's "Licorice Pizza," made $33 million worldwide. Even with Cruise's star power, "Magnolia" only mustered $48.5 million. (It was De Luca, then a New Line exec, who convinced Cruise to play "Magnolia's" misogynistic self-help guru.) The pair are said to be less pumped about another auteur's latest: Bong Joon Ho's "Mickey 17." In January, Warner Bros. pulled the $150 million Robert Pattinson sci-fi starrer from its schedule and then moved it to 2025. A Warner rep insists: "There is, of course, enthusiasm for it."

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I know it's way more expensive to film police car and helicopter chases than to have Alana Haim slow-rolling down a hillside, but I'm getting curiouser and curiouser where this $115M (OK, $95M after Leo) is going to show up on the screen.

Also, while I might be reading way way too much into this article, is it wrong to think that a door is opening to a future PTA/Cruise reunion?