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Started by Punch Drunk Hate, November 30, 2017, 10:49:34 PM

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yes, super excited for this



Just pre-ordered a copy.   Guess we'll meet and discuss in October?    Shall we say, Miss Donuts? (Du-Par's is now a fucking Sephora!) 

My treat.


Scroll down for a little backstory on this encounter.

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Don't you wish we were having this much fun?



So "the blow job" was more of a conceptual jumping-off point for Get On Your Knees, a one-woman oral-sex meditation that's part stand-up, part poetic treatise. During an extended run in New York, the critically-acclaimed show—executive produced by Mike Birbiglia and presented by Natasha Lyonne—was enjoyed by comedian John Mulaney, Oscar-winning actors Sally Field and Emma Stone, Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright Tony Kushner, and pop-culture power couple Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson.

"Growing up in high school and college, I just wanted to be Paul Thomas Anderson," said Novak, recalling her most surreal Get On Your Knees celebrity encounter. After the show, Novak was able to spend some time with Rudolph and the filmmaker. "I started dropping fanboy tidbits on him...It was the panic of, 'How am I going to communicate the depth of my fandom to this person without being an asshole?'"

Her solution involved name-dropping the filmmaker's 1993 short Cigarettes & Coffee, referencing some obscure cross-casting between Boogie Nights and the 1980s short The Dirk Diggler Story that preceded it, and mentioning deep trivia involving a script passed to Philip Baker Hall. The filmmaker reciprocated by telling Novak he appreciated her midshow callout to the San Fernando Valley, in which he grew up.

"I felt the satisfaction of feeling like I communicated that I wasn't just big fanning him in a broad sense," said Novak. "I stand by what I said."








He knows the pinball machine sister in law.


What is happening with the ceiling exactly?


I'm pretty sure that's just the backing of the insulation, which makes me think maybe they were having some renovation work done that got interrupted midway by the lockdown?
My house, my rules, my coffee


First thing I noticed. Still a head scratcher.  Maybe the housekeeper mistakenly hoarded aluminium foil by mistake, and they got some scaffolding together and put the kids to work.  :ponder: