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Started by Fuzzy Dunlop, August 30, 2017, 12:58:10 PM

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I'm totally cool with him pumping out one comparatively small movie every two years than a big-dick epic every six or so.


The Wookcock Pic's not a big dick epic?
WKBB*I/S*NotTP*SSotCB*OS & r.i.p.b.m.


I think I like big dick epics best!

Is there any concrete info on what the new movie might be about?

Is it the Tiffany Haddish one? Did they settle on a timeframe? Am I the only one who wants PTA to make a modern set movie again? Maybe an alternative present day set movie?


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New one is in the works supposedly. It's coming along. Likely an Annapurna release.

Source for the project?

Fortunate enough for fans that Anderson is not taking the time like that dead space between Punch Drunk Love-There Will Be Blood.

I'm expecting it announced sometime in 2019 and be out later the following year. Sounds like very early stages, but PTA has been talking about it, and I assume Annapurna will end up with it.


I actually wouldn't even mind if he never made another film set in the present.


He's become a chronicler of the 20th century in a way and his current style seems suited to period work so it would be very interesting to see him tackle something more contemporary after so long.
Hey, if it's visually similar to the Daydreaming MV, then I would be pretty damn happy, because it's absolutely gorgeous.

He could probably churn out masterpiece after masterpiece if he decided to do adaptations of 20th century American novels/short stories for the rest of his life. But of course, he shouldn't.

Also, the no cinematographer experiment was a success in my eyes so I wouldn't mind if he did that again (provided there are no guild rules or whatever in the way).


I'm pretty excited to see him work with other DPs (he name-checked a few he hopes to work with not so long ago: Lubezki, Robert Richardson, Darius Khondhi?)


Interesting to note Annapurna's troubles that are going on. They cancelled two films and the head of production got let go. Sounds like restructuring or financial troubles to me. Considering how much Annapurna has helped Anderson this doesn't bode well for whenever he thinks up a new film.


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Interesting to note Annapurna's troubles that are going on. They cancelled two films and the head of production got let go. Sounds like restructuring or financial troubles to me. Considering how much Annapurna has helped Anderson this doesn't bode well for whenever he thinks up a new film.

Dunno how these decisions are ultimately made, obvi, but Sorry to Bother You had been their bank this year with $17.4M and last year PT made $21m dom, $45mil ww, seated as their 7th highest film in both categories. So, idk. Whoever comes in better not be no dummy like me.


I think Annapurna still promised the financing for PTA. Whether some other studio ends up distributing remains to be seen like how Phantom Thread went down. Annapurna has certainly collected major Ls and are going through some behind the scenes turmoil, but Ellison already has a relationship with PTA after Master and Phantom Thread. She doesn't want to be the one turning down PTA. It's easier to drop those projects and keep the funding secure for PTA. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later


this entire situation is entirely unrelated to PTA in every capacity. the two films were dropped because they were projects of the president who left.


There is still genuine concern for worry with Annapurna. The president leaving is big news. They really only have 1 success as a distributor: Sorry To Bother You. Sisters Brothers might not even cross 1m at the box office.

Jeremy Blackman

I didn't think it was conceived as a moneymaking enterprise, though.


QuoteThe Western drama "The Sisters Brothers," starring John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix, was released last month and has so far taken in just $730,000, according to A knowledgeable individual said the film cost $38 million to produce and Annapurna paid a significant fraction of that for the U.S. rights, not including marketing costs.

The studio's anticipated December release "Vice," about Dick Cheney, cost a bloated $60 million to produce. Knowledgeable sources said the movie should have been made for half that amount. The studio declined to comment on the budget.

"There is a financial issue going on," an individual with knowledge of the studio told TheWrap. "Her dad has put a lot of money into the company and I don't think he wants to support her behavior and what's been going on. There are restraints — the money is not flowing."

On Tuesday, the company abruptly unloaded a star-studded Jay Roach movie about Fox News founder Roger Ailes and that was three weeks away from starting production, as well as Jennifer Lopez's "The Hustlers at Scores," the latter picked up by STX Films.

An insider told TheWrap that there were budget issues involving the Roger Ailes film, but another individual with knowledge of the project said that the company had approved a $35 million budget just one week ago. The film, which Canadian-based Bron Studios is expected to co-finance, will star John Lithgow as Ailes as well as Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie.

One insider familiar with Annapurna's operations said that Ellison is focused on making passion projects without regard to the cost.

"She makes bad decisions," the individual said. "She wanted to chase all these expensive movies that weren't going to make money, and she said, 'I don't care whether they make money.' That's not how you run a company."


the quote is from "One insider familiar with Annapurna's operations" who remains unnamed. it's a spin article.

QuoteTwo of Barnard's top projects have fallen apart, Variety reported on Tuesday prior to her exit. One was a high-profile telling of Roger Ailes' Fox News implosion starring Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron. The other was the Jennifer Lopez drama "The Hustlers at Scores," about exotic dancers who turn the tables on their Wall Street clients after the economy tanks.

to spin it another way, i don't think were was a mutual agreement with the president about how to use money. it's not PTA fan crazy to say that within the reevaluation period he'll be deemed of value. he's already Tiffany Haddishing it, and though Adam Sandler didn't bring the bank you know i mean he's doing something, and he's def got clout