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Started by Fuzzy Dunlop, August 30, 2017, 12:58:10 PM

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Quote from: Pynchonikos1994 on September 15, 2019, 05:41:00 AM
martinthwarrior (who is an old member of the pta thread in xixax from what i have seen and has been proved to be valid in the past, so I would take his words under consideration)  seemed pretty sure about the name of the lead when he was writing about it, and he also seemed as surprised as everyone when the name of DiCaprio was leaked.

so my speculation is that Leo was offered a supporting part that perhaps wasn't as showy as he wanted (like in the case of Django) and he preferred to move on with something more juicy like del Toro's (despite that he eventually dropped out) or Killers of Flower Moon.

I can see De Niro being offered a supporting role, as well, but not really a lead at this point.

I can't imagine Haddish leading a pta movie, too, perhaps she would fit better in an ensemble cast, but you never really know. Does he have another PDL in him?

Good to know he can be trusted. I didn't mean to throw him under the bus. I was just curious.

I think it was hinted at that this would be a new lead, but I can't be the only one who would be perfectly OK with  Joaquin/PTA becoming the new DeNiro/Scorsese, right?


QuoteI can't be the only one who would be perfectly OK with  Joaquin/PTA becoming the new DeNiro/Scorsese, right?

Here here!


I'm all about changing it up, but I'd be a liar if I said I don't secretly want them to work together again and again and again.

For some random reason, I really want PTA to cast him and DDL as brothers, whatever the context. I don't know why this tugs at me, but tug it does.


Having just revisited The Master a couple of days ago at the Egyptian, Joaquin's powers are fresh in my mind--but I'd kind of like to see PTA work with someone new, since PTA's output is somewhat Kubrickian in frequency.   Someone recently mentioned Haddish's "schtick" isn't working anymore (it never worked for me, to be honest), so I'd prefer another choice there as well.  (Having said that, if he did work with Haddish, I can guarantee it would be the finest acting performance of her career.)


The thing is Phoenix is simply the best living actor of his generation. More importantly, being such a great and versatile actor yet so wild and almost uncontrollable he and PTA seem such a perfect match. Given that DDL may indeed never be available again, I can't really think of any other living actor whom I would desperately like to see in PTA movie. Which makes the loss of PSH more painful again when I thing about it now. He might have been even a better match with PTA. Sure, it would be interesting to see Di Caprio, Pitt, De Niro, Cruise or Downey Jr in his next projects. Even for the marketing aspect of it. Or someone unexpected like Fassbender or Hardy. But I won't complain if we saw Phoenix in every single PTA movie from now on, not necessarily as a lead. He is just too good not to cast him. 


from a general perspective it's better to imagine pta swimming in fresh water


I'd like to see it, but more for Phoenix's benefit. As I've mentioned before, I haven't been exactly enamored with his career post-IV. PTA and James Gray seem to know how to use him in a way nobody else has been able to unlock.

I'd like new actors too, especially ones that will heavily and proudly promote the damn movie. Taking a break from casting media-shy actors as your leads would be good.


Quote from: trytotell on September 17, 2019, 03:13:21 PM
I haven't been exactly enamored with his career post-IV.

His only true misstep imo has been Mary Magdalene, but since he seems to have found happiness and peace in Rooney's wings i think we can forgive him. I find him solid in pretty much everything else (even in generic/meh occasions like Irrational Man or the biography of Callahan) and really good in the Ramsey's movie. Wish that the success of Joker will establish the masses' love for him, he really deserves it.

I could see him in everything PTA is planning from now on, but wouldn't say no to fresh casting challenges as well. Afterall, PTA has 8 films in nearly 25 years and he soon gets into his 50s, how many more bows does he have upon his quiver, assuming he will keep this pace and he wont go nuts like Terry Malick.


Brad Pitt gushing over Phantom Thread. Can we get that collab already?


Phoenix is doing a Mike Mills movie this fall.


Quote from: Lempwick on September 19, 2019, 01:53:32 PM
Phoenix is doing a Mike Mills movie this fall.

It soon begins shooting and yet there was nothing known about it till today. Really impressive.


The Mills project was listed on Production Weekly a few months ago but it had no plot details or casting announcement


There has literally never been a bad performance in a PTA movie and in many cases actors/actresses who work with him do their career-best work (Graham, Wahlberg, Sandler, etc.). So whether it's DiCaprio or Haddish or DeNiro, there's no reason to expect otherwise.
Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.


Just got off the phone with Trump.  I let him know I can make this impeachment stuff go away if he investigates this project and gets back to us with some substantive information. 


I'd love to see PTA work with Eddie Murphy!