"Punch-Drunk Love" Was Released 10 Years Ago Today

Started by modage, October 11, 2012, 08:50:02 AM

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Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.


I won't be able to talk about this at length like I did with Boogie Nights yesterday, because my relationship is different with this film, but it is my favorite of PTA's. Barry is the character I most relate to in cinema, to go into why would turn this into a Psychoanalysis session- we don't need that. Annnnnnnnndddd I haven't seen it in a really really long time! I guess today would be as good a time as any to watch it, but I need to get a bigger TV!

classical gas

well then, this should be the perfect opportunity to release it on blu ray.  in fact, ask him about that if you (or someone you know) interview him.


Quote from: classical gas on October 11, 2012, 11:50:02 AM
well then, this should be the perfect opportunity to release it on blu ray.  in fact, ask him about that if you (or someone you know) interview him.

I asked Paul tonight, and he said Punch-Drunk Love Blu-ray release will be out next year, he's working on it now. Also he thinks Kubrick is incredible, and has left the biggest watermark in cinema, feels really fortunate he had the chance to meet him. I also had a fan's plea for him to record commentaries, he said he might do some, even though he doesn't necessarily enjoy recording them. He signed my original Magnolia poster. One of the best evenings of my life.




TED Alert (Pubrick):
Also when asked about if this auditorium was his lecture, and he was the film school professor, what film would he show. He said "Ted", that it was truly hilarious and so well written, one of the funniest/best films he's seen recently. That a film like "Ted" just takes you back to the core of what films are about, enjoyment.
Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.


Punch-Drunk Love
screening + live film score with orchestra
March 5 & March 19, 2016

Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.



I wonder if this was recorded for a possible Criterion release, I would guess like an audio track, but live film of the live show synched with the movie would be cool, too.

This score has so much percussion I'm guessing there had to be a guy with a bunch of percussion instruments.
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anyone else go to this?

they got started without an intro so i had no idea newsom was there until she started singing.  brion played the keys (three different keyboards to be exact) and had some sort of contraption behind him.  lights went down, movie played with live score, spotlight on brion during the credits, he sang "here we go" to close out the credits, and that was it.  was hoping for a bit more to the evening but still fun.

loved seeing it again and hearing the music live was nice.  thought the mix could've been better though.  never really got the full impact of hearing an enormous orchestra perform music in front of me.  i'm assuming they didn't want to blow out the rest of the film's sounds.  most of the audience erupted in cheers anytime psh was on screen, which i found to be a bit... strange. 


Finally the full press conference of Punch Drunk Love at Cannes is online! Enjoy ;)


From Facebook.   I hope he won't mind me posting this here.   It's a lovely tribute to PSH on the anniversary of his death yesterday.

Jim StevensPaul Thomas Anderson: Group of Fans
Yesterday at 6:36 PM  ·

Meeting one of your heroes.... by Jim SMooTH

When I met him I thought he was a jerk.

This is how you treat people you work with?

No matter what I said. Or asked. Or did. I was treated the same.

Like I might be spending every day all day with him...

But he had nothing to say to me.

Over the next 4 months I avoided him at all costs.

One time I got him to talk to me about wrestling growing up on the actual set. We both had that in common.
But just like that. He was not to be bothered again
In 4 months.

We never talked.

Made no friendship.

Never even saw him at lunch.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman wrapped principal shooting a few days before  the brothers and I did.
In fact he wrapped on a day we were scheduled to shoot most the night after he left.
So when we were at our normal eating table that night trying to do our best to pretend we belonged.
There is a soft and quiet voice that simply says.

Can I sit with you guys?

It is Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Holding a lunch tray. Asking to sit with us.

What comes out of his mouth changed everything I knew about performing.
A kind and happy guy says.

That was so much fun!! Thank you guys! You really did an amazing job. All of you! Are you actually from Provo?


Four months I was standing next to this guy. Now he wants to know about us?

That's when it clicked. His character treated us on camera exactly how he treated us off camera. It never changed. Not once. Since the very first thing we shot with him on our very first day.

The Mattress Man Commercial.

It was his method. It was his way. It's why he is considered one of the best to ever do it.

He was teaching a masters class in acting and none of us caught on to what was going on.

Last thing he said that day before we were called back to set. I will try and say hi whenever I'm in Utah.

Over the next few years I heard from a number of my friends and local acting community folk who took their chance to meet him by saying. The Stevens Brothers are my friends. To which he always replied. How are they doing? Please tell them I send my love.

Sadly the last time I got to actually talk to him was when he was up at Sundance and one of our mutual friends called. He said. I hope we run into each other the next time I'm in Utah.

He didn't return that next year. He sadly passed away before I could catch him the next time he was coming to Utah.

"I think you should be serious about what you do because. This is it. This is the only life you got"

Phillip Seymour Hoffman
7/23/1967 - 2/2/2014


Bit of a hot take on Jeremy Blake.   :saywhat:

My last title design was for Paul Thomas Anderson's "Punch-Drunk Love" (2002); I created the typeface based on old hand-lettered film titles from the 1960s. The backgrounds to the titles were done by digital artist Jeremy Blake. Five years later Blake and his girlfriend, "cultural critic" Theresa Duncan, killed themselves after years of experiencing "folie à deux" – they were convinced they were being hounded by Scientologists (Blake directed a Beck video, when it supposedly began), and Blake had sent many of his friends a "chronicle" of their supposed persecution. I found Blake to be a good-looking yet superficial hipster trying to break into Hollywood and, after he failed, he simply cracked up, moved from LA to NYC with his girlfriend, and they ended their lives there four months later.

There was a big Vanity Fair article on them in January 2008, and a Bret Easton Ellis/Gus Van Sant film was in development based on the couple (never made), but Jeremy and Theresa are now mostly forgotten.I'm proud of the work we did on "Punch-Drunk Love," but Hollywood is a unforgiving hellscape, and I'm glad I got out (mostly) intact.