Chile '76 (Manuela Martelli)

Started by wilder, April 01, 2023, 05:59:12 PM

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Chile, 1976. Carmen heads off to her beach house to supervise its renovation. Her husband, children and grandchildren come back and forth during the winter vacation. When the family priest asks her to take care of a young man he is sheltering in secret, Carmen steps onto unexplored territories, away from the quiet life she is used to

Directed by Manuela Martelli
Written by Manuela Martelli and Alejandra Moffat
Release Date - May 5, 2023 at Lincoln Center. On DVD from Kino July 11, 2023

Quote from: Letterboxd user marcricovA pastel-coloured political thriller about the suffocating social boundaries of being a woman in Chile during a morally corrupt slice of time