Therapy Dogs (Ethan Eng)

Started by WorldForgot, February 06, 2023, 03:38:50 PM

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Teen Suicide will be performing in conjunction with the NYC premiere of Ethan Eng's new documentary Therapy Dogs, which features music by both Teen Suicide and related project Ricky Eat Acid, as well as Show Me The Body and Morgan Powers. The NY premiere is on March 8 at Public Records in Brooklyn.

Quote[...] Therapy Dogs is a real coming of age story set in a contemporary high school that Ethan and Justin were attending. Taking viewers on a ride through their final blowout year with an unfiltered look into the lives of teenagers today.

[...] Unlike most film productions that need permits and background actors to film a realistic school scene, Ethan and Justin were able to just pick up the camera and shoot. By using their school and real students, they managed to capture a completely authentic portrait of high school, giving access into a world adults are kept out of. House parties with underage drinking, abandoned exploration, and death defying teenage stunts are staples of the suburban teenage experience that they were able to freely roam through.

[...] In order to achieve a realistic portrayal of high school, it was filmed under the guise of a yearbook video. And with this they were able to bring the camera inside classrooms, school events, and graduation while covertly mic'ing actors up and conducting scenes. Students opened up to the camera effortlessly revealing their true personalities. This undercover style of shooting is quite thrilling and added a coat of authenticity which is quite resonant and carries over onto the screen.