Most Disappointing Film

Started by Jeremy Blackman, April 22, 2015, 05:24:53 PM

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Most Disappointing Film

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Jeremy Blackman

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The Ultimate Badass

Never has explicit sex been portrayed so dully onscreen, and I'm including the shittiest internet porn in this evaluation. I'm a huge Lars fan, his movies are generally stupid yet utterly compelling. Sometimes they happen to be profound. When I learned he was splitting this one into two I was totally excited and thought he had something big to say about human sexuality... or something. He didn't.

The two parts were a bore. The protagonist is nothing but a simple dopamine junkie. There's not much else to her at all. She needs sex, yes, but how is this any different from, say, how a heroin addict needs heroin? It really boils down to a very simple pathology. One so strong she abandons her child and any meaningful relationships she has in the pursuit of it. I think McQueen's Shame dealt with similar themes much better and in a much more interesting way. And the way Von Trier tries to elevate this simple pathology into the spiritual realm is, to be kind, clumsy.

I love Lars, but this movie was crap.


I thought it was a fucking masterpiece.

Jeremy Blackman

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