Best movie posters

Started by ┬ębrad, March 06, 2003, 06:37:53 AM

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I forgot, my favorite FC one:


"Body Count Cinema the Customizable Card Game"
A cinematic CCG coming to a coffee table near you!


Seconds to Army of Darkness and Fear and Loathing in LV.
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Quote from: BonBon85I forgot, my favorite FC one:

I don't have the pics, but there are some good ones in that same series with:

"Wash Your Feminine Side Clean Off"

"Hand Soap?  Try Broken and Bloodied Knucles Soap."
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phil marlowe

Quote from: michael alessandro

Best post ever.


Quote from: Phil MarloweBest post ever.

What, you don't recognize the poster for "The Invisible Man?" Great marketing.
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Skeleton FilmWorks

phil marlowe

Silly Mac. That was my point.

Tommy Both

hey that's funny, got 'em all on the walls here in my room..



Jaws (CLASSIC, scary as hell)
The Royal Tenenbaums (I love this poster)
Man on the Moon
Jackie Brown
The Fellowship of the Ring (epic stuff, like the movie)
Anger Management (if you haven't seen it, check it out now)
Boogie Nights (the one with the star)
Very Bad Things (not the one with just the title)
Saving Private Ryan
Red Dragon (teaser poster)

Thats all I can think of right now.
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i own four posters, only two of them are framed, i'm gonna get the other ones framed sometime soon...

fight club theatrical (original double sided)
ocean's eleven teaser (original)
adaptation theatrical (original double sided)
magnolia teaser (original double sided)


Here are my favs: Which I all own too =)">">">">">">">
Had to use the DVD cover for NBK: Dir Cut - the poster I have is basically the same except it has the credits at the bottom


ones not mentioned...

straw dogs



lost highway

dead ringers

the thin red line

28 days later

talk to her


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