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Started by ©brad, March 06, 2003, 06:37:53 AM

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Post a few of your favorite posters.


phil marlowe


follow directions, phil...

anyways, i personally can't stand a movie poster that simply shows the actors from the film. they can at least try to have some sort of artistic meaning going on if they're going to do that. like the ghost world poster - two kids surrounded my nothing, seemingly lost & with nowhere to go. or like about schmidt - the rain cloud is obvious. posters like that l.a. confidential one suck ass. the worst examply i can point out, however, is the poster for what women want. jesus that poster is horrible.

anyways, some goodies.

and cbrad4d...why exactly do you like the l.a. confidential poster anyways? it is pretty bland, if i say so.

phil marlowe

Quote from: cbrad4dPost a few of your favorite posters.
Quote from: Phil MarlowePunch-Drunk Love.
Quote from: snaporazfollow directions, phil...

I think Phil Marlowe is my favourite poster.


u really think its bland? wow I think the exact opposite, very reminiscent of the classic film noirs.


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The European 'Se7en' posters were pretty cool. Oh, no. They have the film characters in them though. Damn, they must suck then.
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here's a dumb question for yah- why do they make different posters for the same movie for different countries? Is it entirely necessary?


With my keen ability to descern that the question is about the quality of the poster, not the quality of the movie, I put forth the following two:

And the additional entries:

My apologies to those with dial-up.
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One of the coolest posters I've seen was a weird one for Fight Club
I saw in a movie storein London where they had the normal Jack
and Tyler pictures but with "Brad Norton" and "Edward Pitt" printed
above them. That was good.
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The German Big Lebowski poster....

phil marlowe

I did not know they spoke french in Germany...


Quote from: Phil MarloweI did not know they spoke french in Germany...

beat me to it.

oh, and recce...

yeah, those posters really do suck - except that third one which is kinda cool.

frankly, i don't see what makes those first two any different or "cooler" than the billions of other movie posters like them. those types of posters are mainly just advertising the actors. and i understand that alot of time it's best to have a character from the movie on the poster as opposed to anything else, but like i said - they should at least be creative about it.

phil marlowe

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I beat you to it.

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