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Started by Gold Trumpet, January 16, 2003, 06:18:19 PM

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Family Video has The Dekalog blu-ray box set mis-priced at $23.99. Not sure if they'll hold to it or if pre-orders will end up being canceled.


FilmStruck launches on October 19th for $10.99 a month


and criterion leaves Hulu in mid November



relaying other people's finds

B - Ghost World
C - Mysterious Object at Noon
D - The Marseilles Trilogy
E - Dheepan
F - Tampopo
L - Stalker
N - Sixteen Candles
P - They Live By Night
R - Jeanne Dielman, 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Brussels

+ Buena Vista Social Club seems certain, Tree of Life is a prime suspect, and i forget something else i was going to say, nevermind i remember it's that the waving T is Farewell to Arms but that's silly maybe



personal introspection is a neglected genre within movies. more people have written books about being themselves than made movies about being themselves. in fact within books there's a fiction and a biography section, while within movies there's fiction and documentary.

Sans soileil demonstrated the potential beauty of moving words across still images, and i would say that Heart of a Dog has a more geometric visual narrative. not as geometric as the hand-drawn world of Don Hertzfeldt, but more geometric, and more patient, than Caouette's Tarnation--and totally different from Ross McElwee.

i adored the whole movie because it was a person telling me about herself. i don't think i could make this same movie. i would certainly have to work and feel very hard to make a movie this good. how funny is that within my example list of biographical essay movies there isn't a female? it's clearly because i need to get around to watching more Agnès Varda. but i did wonder before i went in: how much different will this movie feel to me from the others i know, when the voice here is female? i laughed at myself while wondering if in my youth i ever thought the voice of reality would be a male. what a fucking idiot i might have been. by the end the movie was as good as any good movie--all that matters is the person's spirit. that's all that matters, in terms of art and emotions. and it was beneficial for me to be reminded. to again mention books, the closest literary counterpart to this movie is creative nonfiction, a contemporary subgenre being utterly dominated by amazing women. in my dreams the same would happen within cinema.

do you know how much i smiled when Lolabelle made her own clogs? because i'm mentioning now that i smiled so much then. and goddamnit if the musical endeavors of Lolabelle didn't touch me. the normal music. the experimental music. the live concert. the xmas record which was deemed "pretty good." i wasn't familiar with dogs having this capability and i adored hearing about it.

but the movie begins with Laurie Anderson describing the portrait of herself she's creating, and Lolabelle dies with 30min of the movie left. two human deaths are mentioned, and the final note rings not of death but of life, and certainly of complex human emotions which are part of life.

Heart of a Dog is surely about the big picture called being alive. and when Anderson spontaneously sings a dedication toward Lolabelle, amid a montage of her massive Lolabelle paintings, i felt deeply touched by the parts of herself Anderson was sharing with me. and i felt excited. she was always ready to excite and surprise me, this i adore, including the very first story she tells me in the movie, and i really liked her description of modern terror, etc. it isn't challenging to me that this movie appreciates a dog so much. it's usually a romantic partner, or a family member. but we each find our own way and this i know, it's not a thing that bothers me.

is there human electricity within the movie? so much. i mean okay Criterion put it out ffs, i never caught the HBO run, i don't have HBO

i'm not sure if i'll buy Cameraperson but i'm still thinking i might


great October

Quote• The Missing Pieces, ninety minutes of deleted and alternate takes from the film, assembled by Lynch


can't remember how i started scrolling the criterion laserdisc list, but i did. here are some reactions

swear to god i've never before thought of seeing Silverado. and i still ain't thinking about it, but now i know criterion released it in the past.

never heard of Claude Goretta in the first place

as far as i can tell, i am major missing out on this

QuoteFilm took seven years to complete, using a single camera, and was edited entirely by hand.

these are both complete mysteries to me and i'm fully unaware of their hidden treasures, shit

oh fuck, hell yeah. except damn, i sure wish they'd rerelease this one. James Whale for me goes Waterloo Bridge to Frankenstein to The Old Dark House to The Invisible Man to Bride of Frankenstein, and then nothing. so i need to get me on the Show Boat, mhm


100% of these pictures are from this tumblr

some of the early choices are shocking, graphic design and otherwise

still basically awesome always

somehow adorable, humble

and sometimes the covers are bangers so that's cool

this is bomb

this is smile

this is close enough to hell yeah

and this one i found on pinterest so i lied in the beginning




Awful Truth (dog with hat)
Bowling for Columbine (bowling ball about to crash into ten bullet pins)
Bringing up Baby / Thin Man (skeleton "Mr Bone" / a thin man - next to Skippy the dog)
Color of Pomegranates (the two pomegranates)
Graduation + Beyond the Hills (the mortarboards being tossed off in the distance)
Ingmar Bergman films (moon + woman with Swedish flag) - probably a box or just a ton of Bergman coming in 2018
Other Side of Hope (backwards HOPE sign)
Scarlet Empress (red M in the press/vice)
Tree of Life (tree)
Virgin Suicides (the Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottles doing an annoying running exercise)

truck + river are a bunch of non-clues dealing with Filmstruck
(streaming on Filmstruck):
Double feature Friday
Tuesday film + short film
Meat the Filmmakers
Every Frame a Painting / Observations in Film Art


hoping against hope that the L knight is lancelot du lac.  i actually thought the dog had a record lodged in its face...