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Started by Gold Trumpet, January 16, 2003, 06:18:19 PM

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^it's a fan list, it's simply the c&rv list transported to the criterion page

good to see you cg

classical gas


Yeah, I posted that before actually reading it.  It's not anything new.  Maybe should have gone in a PTA thread.


and this is my favorite Wim Wenders movie that Criterion hasn't already released:

this isn't like Zatoichi btw it's 2 movies and normal price:


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Jeremy Blackman



and it came out a bit ago, but since the last sale (the b&n 50% sale is active), i've seen it theatrically, and if you're the kind of person who likes to tell people you've seen Daisies you'd like this too:

i'm mad at my blu-ray player currently. some discs skip sometimes. specifically, The Great Escape, Joy Ride, and Tree of Life have had playback problems. i bought those three movies new. i can't figure out what's going on. it's driving me crazy. is it because, despite me having purchased home media for years, now is the time when i'm experiencing faulty manufacturing? are the discs the problem? is there dust in the player? no i don't think it's dust in the player. the skipping happens in very particular ways. how do i long story short this? for all three of those movies, there are specific parts in the movie which skip and freeze every time i put the discs in, despite the discs being in fine condition, and despite the rest of the movies playing normal.

this problem is giving me anxiety. i'm feeling less likely to buy discs now. also i bought three Criterions during their recent flash sale. because i thought i'd buy some more now. but now i'm not sure and my life is skipping because my blu-ray player is skipping. i haven't put Criterions in my player recently. i'm currently afraid of discs.


I don't know if this will solve the issue but you can try updating your blu-ray player's firmware. Look up your player's model number on the manufacturer's website and there should be a free download somewhere.



QuoteThe moving story of a plain young girl who becomes pregnant by a black sailor, befriends a homosexual, and gradually becomes a woman.


Angel riding the bomb looks like a dual clue for Dr. Strangelove and The Exterminating Angel.

Three Kings seems like a pretty obvious one, though that might be a Kings of the Road fakeout.

Squid and the Whale, that one's pretty blatant.

Queen of Hearts in the JFK car has to be Manchurian Candidate and JFK.
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it's difficult to believe the artist wasn't aware of Three Kings, but it's impossible to believe i don't like that Kings of the Road poster.

aside from the mentioned these were the immediately solved:

Lone Wolf and Cub
The New World
Chimes at Midnight
Here Comes Mr. Jordan
The Naked Island

Easy Rider as a single seems whatever. Bicycle Thieves is already chilling on the coming soon page. Late Chrysanthemums or The Story of the Last Chrysanthemums, apparently definitely Japanese.

helpful Here Comes Mr. Jordan image:


I could have sworn I already had Bicycle Thieves as a Criterion blu-ray, but I looked at the shelf and nope, DVD.
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after a couple days, still the same guesses are sitting around. what rattles my cages is growing awareness of the extent to which people guess, in terms of ownership. there are matters of ownership and licensing that aren't comprehensively familiar to me. like, this is new territory to me:!about/c2414

this company owns, for example:

QuoteScientists return from the West Indies with a potent, phosphorescent serum that allegedly changes human beings into cats. Though the medical value of this serum is dubious, that doesn't stop one of the scientists from experimenting on human guinea pigs, or from killing his colleagues when they try to stop him.

i'd watch that twice. its release date hasn't been announced. lots of bizarre titles. godzilla abounds. and another example from this company is:

Westchester Films is the reason Criterion distributes Stagecoach instead of the previous Warner Bros. so, this is related to Warner Bros being apparently the least friendly company. they're Disney private. terrible at sharing. Kubrick is in Criterion from his United Artists days. Warner Bros owns New Line. New Line owns, for example, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, and Punch-Drunk Love.

Warner Bros and New Line were last openly shared in laserdisc criterions, e.g. Casablanca, Singin' in the Rain, North by Northwest,

we've lost so much. except some we haven't, for example New Line owns The New World, which is an indisputable answer in the 2016 piece. Warner Bros owns Badlands. Malick is handed over. that's interesting. Warner Bros also owns Three Kings. on top of that, the one that gets me feeling itchy, Warner Bros owns McCabe & Mrs Miller.

isn't that clearly McCabe?? i provided a photo above. it's not Chaplin.

the kings are mostly clearly Three Kings. there aren't three protagonists in the Kings of the Road poster, so i don't think that matches well, King of Kings neither.

maybe Warner Bros is sharing a little. in conclusion they should share Punch-Drunk Love. i read this thing where QT said he waited to release Pulp Fiction on home video because he wanted everyone to be hungry for it. you think PT is deliberately making me starve? the part about QT is a fact, then i close with a paranoid question. life is tricky and i sure hope that's McCabe.



The McCabe is so obviously McCabe, it can't possibly be anything else. It can barely even be characterized as a "clue," it's literally just a drawing of Warren Beatty in McCabe and Mrs. Miller.

I don't spend much money on physical releases anymore, but I would 100% buy a Criterion blu-ray of Fantastic Planet. (I guess the other main guess for that clue is The Bling Ring; I have no insight as to which is more likely.)

I understand how companies might want to maintain control over what they release and when, but it seems like a Criterion deal is such a win-win. Additional money from each film they wouldn't otherwise be making.
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