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Started by Gold Trumpet, January 16, 2003, 06:18:19 PM

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2 days 1 night, the fisher king, inside llewyn davis (does this even make sense?) Kill List(?)Passion of joan of arc(?) Purple rose of cairo?


this is one of their more cryptic drawings.  there's no way that's not Inside Llewyn Davis, and pretty confident about The Fisher King, though he's got what looks ot be either an eye-ball or a sphere containing an image of the moon.  no idea what that is.  Two Days, One Night is a sure thing as well.

the ship in the top right, i hope to god means The New World.  have also read predictions of And The Ship Sails On.  choice of boat type seems too specific though not to take into account...

new harold lloyd it seems (Speedy would be the obvious guess), and the gang chasing him supposedly suggests The Brood.  the clock (1:23) suggests billy wilder's One, Two, Three, the man holding what people have been assuming are blueprints is A Master Builder, the guy with a push cart at bottom center is The Merchant of Four Seasons, the house on the back under a moon is Moonrise Kingdom.

the gang with knives, the group of colonial soldiers, the single rose, the woman wearing god knows what standing next to... a pyre or a splatter of some sort, the couple in the car, an unfinished bridge, the landscape that it's all painted on, all have me stumped.  well, i guess The River could be the renoir film.


most recent criterionforum list --

To review, I'll eat my shoe if these aren't the answers to this year's Wacky Drawing:
Kids on bridge - THE BROOD
Bridge - Koker Trilogy
Car - Wim Wenders' Road Movie(s)
X-Mouthed Knife-Wielders - THE CURE
King in boat - THE FISHER KING
Guy with plans - A MASTER BUILDER
Harold Lloyd - SPEEDY
Woman with weapons standing next to Mathmos - BARBARELLA

The only things I'm unsure about:
cloud (the Assayas film)
river (if it's even significant)
rose (I can't imagine it's the Bette Midler film)
18th Century soldiers (maybe NAPOLEON or BARRY LYNDON or LES MISERABLES)
architect's plans (SPINAL TAP)


(Could the three heavenly bodies also be Melancholia?)
Since dreams are to align, not to change nor
to grow, whatever are the really for?


Inside Llewyn Davis is a surprise, since the Coens' films don't usually have copious extras on DVD. Perhaps Criterion will include documentaries on 60s folk music and the concert film "Another Day, Another Time."


yeah, renoir's the river was announced in blu-ray form. and sullivan's travels, and the friends of eddie coyle. other news but what i wanna share is:


heads up to costco people- they have criterions now for 19.99

I saw days of heaven, rosemary's baby, 8 1/2, if.., tess, great beauty, tin drum and a few others but i think varies from store to store


this movie is ridiculously good. it's goddamn impressive

it opens with three cosmic people sitting around chatting, one of them chilling there in space, staring at earth:

his cosmic friends make fun of him and make fun of earth. he tells them they're grumpy, and they don't believe in humans enough. he says he'll prove humans' capabilities by giving them cosmic powers. a cosmic friend scoffs:
"You are the power giver, you can give power beyond measure. What will happen if these silly, greedy human scabs who can only breed and scramble, spread out among our stars."

he says he'll take the risk, to the best of his capabilities:
"There is a limit to the power I can give. So the master has decreed. That bit of gritty stuff at the heart of every individual no power can touch. The soul, the individuality, that ultimate mystery, only the master can control."

he gives cosmic power to some random dude. a very believable random dude. then over the course of the movie the random dude learns about the powers he has and how they can be used

this movie makes it clear that certain desires of humans are dangerous and/or selfish. random dude wants a woman for example, but he can't control the heart of the woman, though he tries:

and tries:

but she's not having it and he can't make her

so everyone is impressed by his miracle powers, but his miracle powers don't allow him to have everything he wants, since the desires of humans are uncontrollable by those on the outside. only the person can decide what the person wants

he can't figure out what to do:
"I get nothing but advice. But it's all different. I don't know where I am. I'm all full of wonders and I daren't let them loose. I get thinking of things. And wanting things. I can't tell you. I got a bad imagination Maggie. I got a dangerous imagination."

his new plan is to make a capitalistic friend who sees his miracle powers as a way to make a globe-spanning business. other business friends get excited and random dude builds a palace and starts setting up his kingdom:

he gets a bit nasty because he can't get what he wants:
"You better do something and do it soon. You've gotta make a new world, that'll make me happy. Get together you important people, try to be really important. Talk it over among yourselves. But talk real stuff. Do it quickly, and do it now. And if you don't do what I tell you, I'll wipe you out, like a child wipes a slate. That's me. That's what I've found in me, since I began looking."

he grows tired of the old world and its inertia, he doesn't like arguments, and he stops the earth from rotating, "stopped the world going 'round," which is a bad decision and everyone regrets what's happened

the cosmic people rewind the clock, and random dude makes the request:
"Miracles. If it happens that I have been working miracles, then on the word go, let me not be able to work any more miracles, ever. Forget it. Forget all about it. Wipe it out. No more miracles. You can't control 'em. Go!"

so his miracle powers are taken from him and the cosmic people chat the close:
"They were apes only yesterday, give them time."
"Once an ape, always an ape."
"No. There is something in every one of those creatures more than that. Like a little grain of gold, glittering in sand, lost in the sand. A flash of indignation when they think things are false and wrong. That's godlike. Dirt is never indignant. That is why they interest me."

Just Withnail

Holy fuck that sounds fantastic. It's also riiiiiight heeeeeeere:


Watership Down marked me when I was 4 years old and I'm guessing informed a lot of my tastes, now. Here's Guillermo Del Toro talking about his connection to it


posting this before i watch it, 'cause i be excited, 'cause edgar wright in the criterion closet

[edit] just out-loud said "how the fuck has he not seen walker?"
was at his throne of blood screening and he's just having some spider-webbed castle moment for some reason

[edit] umm it's allllright. is that his serious personality side or something?


Someone at the forum guessed "Tree of Life" (Tray of Life).