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Started by Gold Trumpet, January 16, 2003, 06:18:19 PM

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Quote from: Ravi on July 07, 2014, 09:26:03 AM
What do you guys think about the Jean Vigo set?

get it get it get it


Quote from: Ravi on July 07, 2014, 09:26:03 AM
What do you guys think about the Jean Vigo set?

one of criterion's best packages, and all three films are amazing. 


curveball overshare: new releases considered, i've now begun staring admiringly at movies i've owned on dvd and traded in for bluray days

top contenders --

ace in the hole
no one's being quiet about being excited about going back to this. that's what i was saying everyone, i'm in a vulnerable state currently
^last seen: six years ago or something, on dvd. doesn't frequently appear theatrically. spent 10mins looking for my dvd last night. it's traded!

last seen five years or something on dvd. doesn't frequently play theatrically

breaking the waves
last seen 100 years ago? 10 years maybe. on dvd. owned an unopened oop dvd but didn't trade it in until the new release. hmmm. doesn't frequently play theatrically

throne of blood
last seen theatrically three years ago when edgar wright played it with an intro from him and rian johnson. johnson teased him for pronouncing "sam-your-eye"

last seen on dvd like 10 years ago. plays theatrically every year. for example five times this year

jules and jim
seen it 5X, plays every year, and one day i gotta buy it


what'll happen:


All great movies...maybe forget about the Truffaut? I'm rooting for Ace/Thief/Waves.

Sidenote - Obv the above post is in "English", maybe more than usual, but somewhere along the line recently I realized I could understand most everything you were saying. Can't tell if you've lightened up on the cryptology or turned us all into codebreakers.

What jenkins [used to] sound like to the rest of us:


gtk. the long story short is i posted here during a period of time in my life in which my writing tendencies simply weren't my central concern. now i worry about things like that more, true enough. and now we're all better friends anyway, agreed. pfwew

[edit] bought ace in the hole


the freshman is awesome.  blind buy paid off hard on that one.  the transfer is pretty staggering.  just about pristine.


Yet another release of Playtime in the Tati box set.
I have Mon Oncle, MHH, Playtime (the 1st & 2nd versions) and Trafic.
Do you keep all versions of movies that you buy even after you upgrade?

I'm guessing Eraserhead won't include the extras from prior versions, but I don't own it.
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glad you asked because i've been wanting to share my feelings

recently i did a big trade in because my guess is, the way the market is going, dvds are worth so little now and in a year they'll be worth nothing. so i traded in my tatis for example, glad to see they're coming to blu-ray as we'd been hinted. now the question is whether i'll buy the new releases, how often i'll watch them, and what exactly is my psychology here

today i spent 10mins looking for my copy of stephen frears's the hit, but i don't have it anymore. i'd mistakenly thought it'd already gone to blu-ray. so now i miss it. also, i miss cutter's way, which i traded in and who is gonna release that on blu-ray?

it's a bit of a gamble, and i'm a movie person but sometimes i can't tell my split as a movie person and a consumer. nothing is easy in my land of emotions


The Complete Jacques Tati Boxset & 'La Dolce Vita' Anchors The Criterion Collection October Releases
Source: Playlist

For the most part, The Criterion Collection tends to serve up four or five films each month, and perhaps something in their Eclipse line of down and dirty releases. But this October, they've got stuff coming that's so big, they're keeping the focus where it should be, rather than spreading themselves too thin.

First up is "The Complete Jacques Tati," which as the title suggests, will feature his six feature length films — "Jour de fête," "Monsieur Hulot's Holiday," "Mon oncle," "PlayTime," "Trafic," and "Parade" — along with seven short films as well. Needless to say this has all been beautifully restored, and yes, it will be coming absolutely packed with extras. This thing will be teeming with documentaries, archival interviews, visual essays and much, much, much, more. It's everything you could want as a Tati fan or newcomer alike, so get on it.

A bonafide classic, Criterion has finally got their mitts on "La Dolce Vita" and are giving it the treatment to Frederico Fellini's iconic film. That means a new transfer, fresh interviews, visual essays and more. If you haven't seen this, now you have no excuse at all, so make sure this is on your list.

Meanwhile, Criterion is also bringing John Ford's "My Darling Clementine" to home video. It will feature both the 103 minute pre-release version and the 97 minute theatrical cut, the 1916 short "A Bandit's Wagon" featuring Ford and his brother in the lead roles, and a plethora of vintage material.

Finally, the boutique label is putting a new coat of paint on George Sluzier's "The Vanishing."
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blind buy report #2. 

judex is a fucking zany movie.  hallucinatory genre fever dream.  the disorientation from the fragmented plotting contributes beautifully to the experience as well as effectively conveying themes.  in that way it reminded me a lot of claire denis's bastards.  a great movie to get lost in.  makes me think i should revisit eyes without a face, and i forgot that one of my favorite short films blood of the beasts is on that disc, so i ordered that shit.  can't wait to check out the short films on the judex disc. 

la vie de boheme i'm still reeling from.  custom fit for me.  a love letter to paris akin to woody allen's paean to new york with manhattan--a beautiful city rendered in sumptuous black and white with a story and emotions befitting its splendor.  "YOU ARE UNDER ARREST, YOU ARE UNDER ARREST, YOU ARE UNDER ARREST."  melancholy and humor are rarely balanced this perfectly.  this will be revisited constantly.

thanks 03 and jenkins for the recs.

i made my last haul for this sale.

hidden fortress
throne of blood
picnic at hanging rock
jules and jim
eyes without a face


I picked up:

A Hard Day's Night
The Complete Jean Vigo
John Cassavetes: Five Films
The Essential Jacques Demy


kinda sad monday (the last day of the sale) is approaching. it's like july has been a tv season for us movie people, and except well you see our choices are 700+ movies through 80+years across the globe

movies i found ways to see so i didn't end up buying them:

nashville (2x)
hidden fortress (which after i saw the blu-ray i realized i haven't traded in my dvd yet, hrpmh!)
red (blue i watch all the time)
a man escaped

i might still buy diabolique, based on the fact that it's insanely good. just, insanely good. no i probably won't buy it. i'll probably make a last-minute selection and i'm not sure which movie that'll be


Have only seen Love Streams on terrible quality DVD - these caps are exciting (resized):

Same with Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!:


to help me save money in november i'll go see the 35mm double-feature of husbands and love streams at the new bev for $8. that's how movie people solve money worries in los angeles