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Started by Gold Trumpet, January 16, 2003, 06:18:19 PM

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Gold Trumpet

Grand Old Osprey? Haha, nice to see Robert Altman's Nashville will be getting the Criterion treatment


got such a chubby when i saw this.  would LOVE to see more altman from criterion.  here's to hoping they get mccabe & mrs miller and images.


i will sell my entire family for that Nashville criterion.


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things to come, which a friend and i ~watched on halloween over hulu+. we got bored and fastforwarded, looking for the good spots. they totally call the prometheus helmets, btw. i still think i want it. that's wacky
refn tells me to not get bored and to watch the whole thing. things are back to coming to things

was he high?

and why is Elia Kazan having dinner with no-name directors in 1994? Refn hadn't even made a feature yet! or at least released it.
under the paving stones.


Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman
27 Discs
SRP: $224.95
Criterion Store price:

a box with 25 zatoichi movies. wooo, wow

while searching for the cover image to the title that most excites me, i instead found hulu art. are all of these already on hulu? still, what a box. what a box

this is the title that has the title that excites me


Criterion Announces New Dual-Format Editions, Slate of Titles for November Release That Includes 'Frances Ha,' Complete Zatoichi Set
Source: indiewire

The Criterion Collection has announced its slew of releases for the month of November and, in typical Criterion fashion, the films could not be more eclectic and diverse. Alongside the bevy of titles is another interesting development in the video-distribution company, as November will mark the beginning of all Criterion released being dual-format editions, encompassing both regular DVD and Blu-Ray capabilities.

On to the films themselves. November 12 will see the release of Noah Baumbach's "Frances Ha" and Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights." The extras on the former film will include new conversations between Baumbach and Peter Bogdanovich as well as between Sarah Polley and Greta Gerwig, along with a booklet including an essay by playwright Annie Baker. The extras for Chaplin's historic 1931 masterwork will include a new and restored transfer, an audio commentary by Charlie Chaplin biographer Jeffrey Vance, a documentary on the film's production, archival footage from the set, trailers, and a booklet featuring an essay by critic Gary Giddins and a 1966 interview with Charlie Chaplin.

Criterion will be putting out an updated version of Yasujiro Ozu's "Tokyo Story," with an audio commentary by film scholar David Desser, a two-hour documentary on Ozu's career, a tribute to the director, a trailer, new subtitle translation, and a booklet with an essay by critic David Bordwell.

Rounding out the month will be a collector's set of all the films in "Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman," the longest-running action series in the history of Japanese cinema. All 25 films will be accounted for in the set, each of which have undergone restorations and will include trailers and new English subtitle translations. A booklet featuring essays, synopses of each film, the original story "The Tale of Zatoichi," and a series of illustrations inspired by each film are also included in the release.
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Gold Trumpet


december releases just got announced.  this came much earlier than expected:

other titles:
investigation of a citizen above suspicion
grey gardens
martin scorsese's world cinema project

classical gas

Man, I just bought Nashville not too long ago.

By the way, all those films in the Martin Scorsese world cinema project box are available to stream on hulu plus already.


More info:

Criterion's December Slate Includes Robert Altman's 'Nashville,' Martin Scorsese's World Cinema Project & More

There is no better time than the winter months to curl up with a long movie—or a few long movies—and stave off the cold in the comfort of your own home. The Criterion Collection are gonna make it a bit easier with some pretty great cinephile buys headed your way just in time for Christmas.

First up, Robert Altman's classic, sprawling opus "Nashville" gets the Criterion treatment. The nearly three hour film, chronicles 24 different characters in the titular city, moving from politics to the music industry, from comedy to drama, to everything in between. It's icon of the '70s golden age of American filmmaking, it would influence countless filmmakers and is one of the crown jewels in Altman's already impressive body of work. The Criterion set will include a commentary from the director (obviously lifted from a previous release of the film), along with a new documentary about the movie featuring Keith Carradine, Michael Murphy, Allan Nicholls, Lily Tomlin, assistant director Alan Rudolph and screenwriter Joan Tewkesbury. There will also be music demos by Carradine, behind-the-scenes footage and more.

And if that isn't enough to occupy an afternoon, how about a nine-disc set of movies hosted by Martin Scorsese? The director's World Cinema Project is unveiling it's first volume of releases via Criterion, granting exposure to whole host of films that from around the globe, now given new life thanks to some generous restoration.  Bangladesh/India ("A River Called Titas"), Mexico ("Redes"), Morocco ("Trances"), Senegal ("Touki bouki"), South Korea ("The Housemaid"), and Turkey ("Dry Summer") are all represented in the set, which features a surprisingly healthy amount of extra features too.

Lastly, Elio Petri's Oscar winning thriller "Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion" gets the treatment, with a whole new audience getting a chance to experience this gripping, aburdist tale of a Roman police officer investigating himself for a heinous crime he's committed. Loaded with interviews new and old (including chats with Ennio Morricone and Petri) and a full length documentary on the filmmaker, this looks like it'll be one worth taking home.

Bonus: The Maysles' classic "Grey Gardens" is going Blu starting in December.
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Alfonso Cuarón's (and Pawel Pawlikowski's) DVD Picks

of course i like how he doesn't feel the need to explain everything, and i like when he says "look, masculin féminin. [something] because there's just one." i can't hear the [something] part, can someone else? i hope he says "you can't have it because there's just one" or "yours because there's just one"

Gold Trumpet

Oh, Errol Morris's Brief History of Time will be released by Criterion. Recent newsletter confirmed it.


paul robeson, the emperor jones, 1933, 72 min, hulu+

further stimulated my interest in a time period's social paradigm and the integration of complex racial and class statuses. in 12 years northup begins as a freeman: what's important is not only his level of education about fiddles and books, but his experience with social practices. the emperor jones also portrays this, from a different time period and in radical hollywood fantasy ways, but in a social sense it's a rise-and-fall gangster movie. during this time period it seems america's most notable gangsters were white, and there are many notable gangster movies from this period starring cagney etc, but if you swap out the fantasy elements and replace them with gangster elements (cinematically, either way we're talking fantasy) this is the story of social trickery obtained through information about how the system works and how you can beat the system

worried i'll do the sorta thing where i type a lot and no one cares anyway. idk. recommended to see before/after 12 years and/or because you dig old hollywood movies, and then come chat with me if you want


^^mhmm, and

La vie de bohème. b&w, still excited
the long day closes is a gorgeous movie
mad mad mad world (got this on bluray!)
thief <3
rififi (k)
throne of blood (k)
eclipse: late ray