RESULTS! - The 2022 Xixax Awards

Started by Jeremy Blackman, May 15, 2022, 05:34:53 PM

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Jeremy Blackman

Jeremy Blackman


Pretty cool that newcomer Suzanna Son got to tie with Kirsten Dunst

Jeremy Blackman

Lots of notable LP underperformances here:
- Alana tying with Renate Reinsve
- Simon Rex winning over Cooper Hoffman
- Jeffrey Wright (in a Most Disappointing nominee) winning over Bradley Cooper
- Screenplay tying for 2nd
- Milo Herschlag supremacy not materializing

Harriet Sansom Harris is the only LP actor who outright won a category. Wild!

Happy with Dune's decisive original music win.

Pleasantly surprised by Kajillionaire's strong 2nd place showing for 2020. Maybe my favorite film of that year.

Surprised no one voted Annette in most disappointing. I should have allowed more votes there, maybe.

Slightly saddened by Little Women's last place finish for 2019 Redux. More people need to see it – absolute masterpiece.

Genuinely shocked The White Lotus only got one vote. Was I the only person who voted for it?


Thanks for doing this. Some fun wins.

Didn't think Licorice Pizza would actually take Film lol. The Wright Supporting win is cool and also unexpected