What Films Are We Watching?

Started by Something Spanish, March 31, 2018, 04:59:34 PM

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More, I guess, why not:

Cast Away
Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Prodigal Sons
Notes On An American Film Director At Work: Martin Scorsese
Outside In
Rolling Thunder
The Prestige
A Constant Forge
Love Streams
Speed Racer
Dancer In the Dark
The Lodge
Machine Gun McCain
Mean Girls
Imagine: John Lennon
The Adventures of TinTin (in 3D)
The Vast of Night
Hugo (in 3D)
Panic Room

Yeah, I know, who cares


Something Spanish




A filmmaker forges an unusual friendship with an octopus living in a South African kelp forest, learning as the animal shares the mysteries of her world.


tonight I'm going to begin watching my copy of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and it's actually like maybe just what I need, I'll find out


Funny movie! Channels the "sex comedy" mood rly well through Brand without ever leaning too far from pure Rom Com ~


I saw that in theaters day of a break up years back. It brought me some much needed laughter and heart.

"...and now I have the freshest cereal."


it's not logical to feel as if suffering while watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which I concentrate on remembering while watching it. since movies cannot offend me the biggest threat is a waste of time. but humor is like anything else in life, in terms of you exercise it to keep it in shape. so I am watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall to be funny although it depresses me how no one is a realistic person. they are characters. ahaha they are funny characters and Hawaii has beaches and Jason Segel wrote this. are they realistic characters? yes: life sucks like this. it feels too honest. it is always light and friendly and also trying to touch my heart, which is sweet. I think I'm about 1h15min in and I took a break which I do do during most movies I watch at home that's true


funny enough I think my favorite moments come right after where I left off, when Jason and Russell and Kristen and Mila eat dinner and drink wine together. this is about 1h15m to 1h25m and the auxiliary characters are absent except for brief Jonah. Bill in this movie as an awful auxiliary character is a waste of talent. Paul single-handedly redeems his nonsense character. Da'Vone is the best, far better than Jonah, although still so one dimensional, like Taylor. the christian married couple is wasted space. there is lame humor throughout but it shines for about ten minutes at the table: I like how Kristen and Mila understand how to speak with each other, and Jason and Russell do too in another way. gendered relationships can be like that at least in that table scene. then Belle & Sebastian plays and that was one of two things I remembered about this movie, aside from Jason's cock. I had forgotten about the puppet Dracula musical actually happening although I remembered while watching it again. that was cool but I was like itching itching itching for the movie to just end, it's total cringe for the last fifteen minutes. pretty good failed blowjob scene but that's a tacky use of a titular female character imo. the depth of her final scene is the depth of this movie


Movie I never thought I'd watch yet here we are:
Penguin’s Memory: A Tale of Happiness (1985)

Moviez I'd Recommend You Avoid if You Can Help It:
Cats (2019)
Old Dogs (2009)


That's a great doc with some amazing Wexler handheld footage annoyingly fused with a halfassed narrative, still enjoyed it though.

Movies I've seen recently that I really liked:

Every Man for Himself (1980)
80s Godard seems like where all his filmmaking powers come together, excited to see some of the other ones I really enjoyed this.

Don't go Breaking my Heart (2011)
To just knows how to use space, maybe the best rom-com of the past decade, or at least definitely the best directed.

I Walked with a Zombie (1943)
This lived up to the hype - just a singular experience I can't really compare to anything I've seen before. only seen a couple from Tourneur but they've both been amazing.


Don't Go Breaking My Heart 1 & 2 broke my heart.
Gao Yuanyuan iz frkn amaze in both though.

Gosh. Part IIz reverse logic works for our new triangle, and esp in keeping the script from being merely alluding to the past, but it doesn't work as well for our previous triangle, imo.
Still, enjoyed the staging/blocking and cute turns of both.

Quote from: putneyswipe on December 27, 2020, 02:00:39 PM
maybe the best rom-com of the past decade, or at least definitely the best directed.

*joking gesture toward Phantom Thread*


I watched what VS released as Dial Code Santa Claus and is described on imdb as "Home Alone meets Die Hard in a mansion during Christmas" and on letterboxd as "Psycho Santa versus Psycho spoiled Rambo rich brat." it's two years after The Monster Squad and it's that kind of boy power movie. it's Last Action Hero if the boy was the hero and it's France making Hollywood. Vinegar Syndrome makes me feel like a child watching HBO again

QuoteHappy Birthday Christmas
Welcome Home Jesus

Jeremy Blackman

Caught up with Bone Tomahawk. Just a fun little western thriller. And good lord what a cast! If nothing else, it's a study in extremely skillful comic relief. Mild spoiler: there's one scene that must have had everyone talking. Wow.