What Films Are We Watching?

Started by Something Spanish, March 31, 2018, 04:59:34 PM

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Jeremy Blackman

Finally saw Vertigo the other week. (MILD SPOILERS.) It was good but doesn't really get going until the twist. Kind of shocked it was AFI's #1 at one point. I can see the argument for it being a great and highly influential film, but do people really think it's one of the very very best?

Jimmy Stewart is wildly miscast, and all the age differentials are very weird in a way that seems unintentional. He has two friends from college who appear to be generations apart. And the "wife" is much younger than her husband, in her early 20s IIRC. Jimmy Stewart is greying and I have no idea how old he's supposed to be. Their age difference is never commented upon. I was more engaged with this mystery than the pre-twist mystery, to be honest.


jb it's Sight & Sound and it's still there, from the most recent. it climbed from 11th in 1972. it's not my favorite movie and really if everybody agreed what the best movie was the list would never change. i love the room soaked in neon and kind of forget the rest


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yeah, seen Pickup on South Street, he's great in that too. haven't seen him in much else.

re: Denis. can't wait to dig through those treasures.

late to the party, denis is my goddess, all the ones eward mentioned are brilliant/can't really go wrong, but Beau travail should be your biggest priority, even though there isnt a decent transfer that's readily available.  she's the best, and agnes godard is a criminally underrated dp, their collaboration indispensable. 

as for night and the city, fuck yeah.  my favorite dassin. also love thieves' highway, both of which i enjoy much more than rififi.  have you seen Sweet Smell of Success and In a Lonely Place?

first move for quarantine bingefest was Meek's Cutoff into Almayer's Folly, which turned out to be a weirdly apt double feature.  the former was very good and makes me even more curious about First Cow, the latter completely blew me away and ill be spending some time catching up on akerman.


Have been watching movies on YouTube today, both great decisions:



Feels nice to stumble on good movies through youtube playlists without seeking out specific movies on torrents. Here's a TCM playlist:


that's great. great use of the internet and great movies. Poetry and Mother are both important to me


yesterday i watched three movies. i can't remember the last time i watched three movies in one day but it probably wasn't that long ago i bet, since if i see a double-feature i only have to watch one movie at home to hit the number. anyway so i was at my friend's and he has the criterion channel so i said what about

i shittalk teens and say i don't like teens anymore but then i like things like this and Call Me by Your Name and how does that happen let me tell you. the movie itself doesn't have to act like a teen. all that weird mania that's called teenage sense, save it for the character and let the narrative act like an adult. basically everywhere not america is better at doing this. from the opening shot to the end shot this movie feels as if taking place in reality and basically hits all the right points. idk it's drenched in being great

so then i thought hmm what else and ahh what is that that you have bought semi-recently yes let us watch that

'27. silent obviously. the beginning introduces the sideshow and this stuff is um ethereal to me. the sideshow introduction is holy to me

but in the middle of the movie the score started tiring us so we played forever changes meanwhile and really what can happen did happen which is the score is helpful in that without the score one follows the narrative less successfully. i partially knew what was happening at the end which is a hollywood happy ending taking place at the sideshow

so then i was leaving his place and i thought you know what and so i asked hey do you mind if i borrow this movie and he was like go ahead and borrow this movie

for no particular reason that i can recall i've been wanting to rewatch this movie for a while now. i last saw it a dime and a nickel years ago in a downtown long beach loft i shared with two friends and since i had been with a friend yesterday the whole day became wonderful time traveling. um the um what's going on in the fisher king is what i say all the time which is we're making up the way we look at life use some imagination have fun and remember love you know. in case it's region locked or disappears the following is the waltz scene from this movie


i'm doing a hulu 30 day trial and at the end i will or will not talk about what i watched, this is to remind me what i've watched so far:

Support the Girls
Minding the Gap
episode 1 and 7 of What We Do in the Shadows season 1, both directed by Waititi (who also directed the last episode but i haven't watched it yet, never saw the movie btw)
episodes 1-3 of the Napoleon Dynamite cartoon
all of Littlekenny because they're so short
The Beach Bum
Skate Kitchen
Hunt for the Wilderpeople

i'm not fully sure what else i'll watch or how i decide what to watch


you see if i owned these i wouldn't forget one. because it'd be right in front of me. or to the side of me, you know, somewhere around me in a physical capacity

i also watched Spaceship Earth and it sucks. it was a waste of my time. i watched it the day it arrived but that was nonsense. a reminder about the dangers of a streaming service

i activated the hulu trial to watch Devs, which i haven't and probably won't before the 30 days expire


all my hulu experiences will be "duh"s and "finally"s


What's the name of the second still?

These are the films i've watched first time and loved so far this year:

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring
Millennium Mambo
Brief Encounter
Goodbye, Dragon Inn
Being There
Call Me by Your Name
The Descent
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
Sherlock, Jr.
L'Âge d'Or
Singin' in the Rain
Kiss Me Deadly
U.S. Go Home
Gun Crazy
Pale Flower


<3 your list

the three stills are from Kusama: Infinity


I mean
is literally a picture of me right now so I obviously already like her


I actually watched that doc.  I MUST be cool now.  (Just waiting for the paperwork.)


Quar Views:

Mars Attacks!
Leaving Las Vegas
The Pope of Greenwich Village
Ocean's 12
The Knick S1, S2
Magic Mike
Men In Black
Mad Max
The Road Warrior
The Host
Life Itself
A Nos Amours
A Man Escaped
Southland Tales
The New Girlfriend
Logan Lucky
The Forest For the Trees
Fear City
Toy Story 2
Toy Story 3
Empire of Dreams
It Happened One Night
Blade Runner 2049
Hot Fuzz
Mad Max: Fury Road
Brewster McCloud
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin


quar (for me march 13th til now filmz):
Dark Star (rewatch)
The Funeral
The Addiction
Dangerous Game
Alien: Resurrection (rewatch)
Hana & Alice
Love Exposure (rewatch)
Alien3 (rewatch)
Austin Powers Goldmember (rewatch)
Austin Powers Spy Who Shagged Me (rewatch)
The Mad Magician 3D
Experiments in Love 3D
the Stewardesses 3D
Clifford (1994) (what the hell iz this movie)
Shut Up and Play the Hits (rewatch)
Dead Ringers
April Story (rewatch)
Her Smell