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Cult Epics Launches Campaign to Fund Comprehensive Guide to Cult Cinema

U.S. label Cult Epics has launched an Indigogo campaign to finance a comprehensive a deluxe book that will cover the wildest films it has distributed during the years.

Official statement from the label:

For 25 years, Cult Epics has distributed the most sought-after, obscure, provocative and previously unknown films to the home video market. To commemorate this anniversary, we want to produce a deluxe, hardcover art book (in a limited edition of 1000) about those films and their directors – fully illustrated with in-depth reviews, interviews, and essays. We are reaching out to all our fans and film lovers, to help us raise the funds to make this essential book on cult cinema.

This commemorative book covers 150 essential releases 
from filmmakers such as Tinto Brass, Fernando Arrabal, Radley Metzger,
 Walerian Borowcyzk, Jean Genet, Abel Ferrara, Rene Daalder, Olivier Smolders, Jorg Buttgereit, Nico B, Irving Klaw, and pinup legend Bettie Page. Includes in-depth reviews, interviews, and essays on films and directors – fully illustrated in color with rare photos, poster art, and memorabilia. Size is approx. 8.75" x 11.25" x 1", with 256 full color pages (and over 200 Images).



While we're at it, there's a thread on the forums that tracks blu-ray releases of titles listed in the book Nightmare USA: The Untold Story of the Exploitation Independents


frame of reference, trailers for my two favorite cult movies, both from Mondo Macobro


Diabolique Magazine's Daughters of Darkness Podcast, hosted by Kat Ellinger and Samm Deighan, has covered Jean Rollin, Jose Larraz, Elio Petri, Andrzej Zulawski, Giallo Cinema, Lesbian Vampire Films, and more


A limited edition re-issue of Stephen Thrower's (Nightmare USA) OOP book on Lucio Fulci is coming from FAB Press in September 2017

IndieGogo promo video here

Quote from: FAB PressOur goal is to re-issue Stephen Thrower's acclaimed Lucio Fulci book Beyond Terror in a massively revised and expanded edition along with an exclusive DVD of all known Lucio Fulci trailers, gathered together for the first time ever, all presented in a heavy duty case modelled on the Book of Eibon.


The Girl on the Broomstick (1972)

QuoteSaxana has the enthusiasm, but lacks the right talent to become a witch. So she's kept in for 300 years - nothing unusual for a sorceress' school. Being bored, she skims through the magicians' lexicon and finds a formula which brings her into the world of the humans for 48 hours. There she meets the friendly Peter who takes her with him to school... and the adventures begin.

the entire movie:


it was such a fucking gem

she transports from witch school to human school, and this is what happens to teachers

i slapped my thigh and yelled "oh my god." everyone in this movie is utterly human a total fucking rascal

so, these boys

they're running from the law

and what's happened is they've stolen the lexicon of magic, which the witch brought from magicworld, and so the boys transform themselves in order to hide from the cops pulling them over

i laughed so hard. so hard. then they keep going but the cops are suspicious. so the cops pull them over again and lookie here

the popes or whatever are angry! i was dying. the witch was following along

the boys turn themselves into some old men in a truck, so they can stop and get some food. they're trying to figure out the lexicon and they accidentally summon an ass on the table

then the cops arrive, then the witch arrives, she gets the lexicon back with her sneaky stretch arm, and she turns the boys into teddy bears

i felt so good i wanted to call my mother and tell her i love her and everything is going to be alright


spoiler: dogs dancing like humans 1930

QuoteTHE EARLY SOUND ERA OF film was like the Wild West when it came to making movies. It was into this experimental milieu that a series of short films that used all-dog casts was produced between 1929 and 1931.

Professionally trained canines were the stars of the "all-barkie" Dogville Comedies. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer produced the nine shorts as parodies of Hollywood's hits. The films were shot with silent film and dubbed over with human speech, utilizing the voices of the creators Jules White and Zion Myers, as well as their colleague Pete Smith. According to Jan-Christopher Horak, the director of UCLA's film and television archive, it is likely that other contracted MGM actors and actresses also lent their voices to the films, although none of that work was credited.

To a modern viewer, it can be hard to tell who the audience of these films were. It might seem like a canine cast is best suited for children, but the plots were often mature, featuring adultery, murder, and even cannibalism.




These things were amazing. I remember seeing them as interstitials between movies on AMC back in the day, but when I tried to find info about them later it was almost like they never existed. I finally found someone online who was selling home-burned DVDs of all the shorts for like 30 bucks, so I bought it and started playing it for my wife (girlfriend at the time), who watched two minutes of it and spent the rest of the time looking at me like I was insane. 30 dollars well spent.
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They show these at the Drafthouse pre-show sometimes. Isn't there one that's a murder mystery?



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They show these at the Drafthouse pre-show sometimes. Isn't there one that's a murder mystery?

You bet there is.

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here's the wiki, here's the Warner Bros Archives disc, still wondering where the cannibalism is


New Bev's Dec 31

wilder i can't find the xixax link but i know we know The Fan from Mondo Macabro. here's the trailer for Christiane F.

spoiler of when that song actually appears in the movie