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Started by Jeremy Blackman, March 08, 2016, 03:51:00 PM

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Sight & Sound 2017 List

1. Get Out, dir: Jordan Peele
2. Twin Peaks: The Return, dir: David Lynch
3. Call Me by Your Name, dir: Luca Guadagnino
4. Zama, dir: Lucrecia Martel
5. Western, dir: Valeska Grisebach
6. Faces Places, dir: Agnes Varda
7. Good Time, dirs: Ben and Josh Safdie
8. Loveless, dir: Andrey Zvyagintsev
9. Dunkirk, dir: Christopher Nolan
9. The Florida Project, dir: Sean Baker
11. A Ghost Story, dir: David Lowery
12. You Were Never Really Here, dir: Lynne Ramsay
12. BPM, dir: Robin Campillo
12. Lady Macbeth, dir: William Oldroyd
14. God's Own Country, dir: Francis Lee
14. The Shape Of Water, dir: Guillermo del Toro
16. Let the Sunshine In, dir: Claire Denis
16. Mudbound, dir: Dee Rees
16. Strong Island, dir: Yance Ford
16. I Am Not Your Negro, dir: Raoul Peck
16. Personal Shopper, dir: Olivier Assayas

John Waters 2017

1. "Baby Driver" (Edgar Wright)
2. "I, Olga Hepnarová" (Tomáš Weinreb & Petr Kazda)
3. "The Strange Ones" (Christopher Radcliff & Lauren Wolkstein)
4. "Nocturama" (Bertrand Bonello)
5. "Wonderstruck" (Todd Haynes)
6. "Graduation" (Christian Mungiu)
7. "The Wizard of Lies" (Barry Levinson)
8. "Lady Macbeth" (William Oldroyd)
9. "Wonder Wheel" (Woody Allen)
10. "Tom of Finland" (Dome Karukoski)



I vaguely remember having seen a headline last year about Jordan Vogt-Roberts being attacked in a bar in Vietnam, but I had no idea the extent of it. These were seriously dangerous guys involved, and he's really lucky not to be dead right now.
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i believe i read this somewhere else but it didn't click with me until AICN, for whatever reason--

The Future is Now! Tony Kaye Casts Robot Lead In Next Feature

Quote2ND BORN is a sequel to 1ST BORN, an indie comedy directed by Ali Atshani. It starred Val Kilmer, Tom Berenger, Greg Grunberg, Jay Abdo, Taylor Cole, Reza Sixo Safai, William Baldwin, Denise Richards and Robert Knepper.

The new picture centers around a couple,  "Iranian born Ben (Safai) and American Kate, whose complicated first pregnancy forces their extended family, from differing backgrounds, to find common ground for the sake of the baby." If you couldn't guess, it's an indie rom-com.

i don't really care about robot actors. it's when they become writers i'll be like "well wait, maybe let's slow down"


Quote from: wilder on September 11, 2017, 10:33:48 PM
'Duke Of Burgundy' Director Peter Strickland Returning With 'In Fabric'
via The Playlist

Strickland's set to begin lensing on In Fabric, next month, with Oscar-nominated Secrets & Lies star Marianne Jean-Baptiste headlining. The film is set around a busy winter sales period in a department store and will follow the various owners of a cursed dress as it passes from person to person and destroys their lives.

First clip:

This reminds me so much of this "Twilight Zone" episode The After Hours (1960, S1E34).

QuoteMarsha White (Anne Francis), a woman browsing for a gift for her mother in a department store, decides on a gold thimble. She is taken by the elevator man to the ninth floor, although the elevator's floor indicator only shows eight floors. She enters the ninth floor and turns to complain to the elevator operator that there is nothing there, but the door closes abruptly, leaving her to ponder her situation. Upon ringing a buzzer for service, she is approached by a saleslady who guides her to the only item on the floor: the exact gold thimble that Marsha wants. During the sales transaction, she grows increasingly puzzled by the comments and actions of both the male elevator operator who transported her to the barren, seemingly deserted floor, and the aloof and clairvoyant female salesclerk behind the counter who addresses her by name and sells her the thimble.


Paul Thomas Anderson Executive Producer on new film written & directed by Melora Walters

Paul Thomas Anderson will serve as an executive Producer for 'Waterlily Jaguar'. 'Waterlily Jaguar' is an upcoming drama film written and directed by Melora Walters, in her feature film directorial debut. The film stars James LeGros as Bob, Mira Sorvino as Helen : his wife, Stacey Oristano as Wilhelmina : his assistant, Dominic Monaghan as Bill : his agent, Christopher Backus as Jackson, Steven Swadling as Peter and Lili Mirojnick as Scarlet.

The film centers on Bob (LeGros), a famous novelist known for his "airport novels" seeking to pen a more serious book, only to find himself tumbling down a spiral of obsession that may leave his most important relationships in shambles, including his marriage.

I haven't seen this reported anywhere else yet, though.  (And a more honest headline would have been, "We Don't Know What PTA is Going To Direct Next".)



how long ago was it posted, a couple hours? it's at 10mil views. i barely know anything about comic movies i can feel the hype for this. is she gonna be the one to kill Thanos? is she in the Avengers movies even? i have no idea and it's fine because i won't see the movies

Jeremy Blackman

I'm not a Marvel lore expert, so hopefully there's something in the mythos that explains the cringeworthy performances.



Anna Boden/Ryan Fleck directing duo. i'm still a fan of Sugar and Half Nelson, based on my memory. i don't think naturalism quite belongs in superhero movies though. based on standard If You"re Going to Dream, Dream Big

for me it'll be tough for anything to ever better Justice League. i don't think there's been a movie moment that alive and alive like that since Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra


"Black Panther" director Ryan Coogler has come on board as a producer on Warner Bros.' "Space Jam" sequel, starring LeBron James and Bugs Bunny.

Terence Nance, creator of the HBO show "Random Acts of Flyness," is directing the untitled sequel. His credits include "An Oversimplification of Her Beauty," "Swimming in Your Skin Again," and "Univitillen."

ties with Captain Marvel in terms of my unlikelihood of ever watching it


Had no idea these people were directing/had directed these films. This is exciting but also really strange.


John Crowley is following Brooklyn with The Goldfinch, an adaptation of the Donna Tartt novel, the cast is notable, Roger Deakins is dp. $40mil budget.

it's tailored for the academy. i'm being a baby but it makes me sick in some ways, these adaptations.


i'm not sure why its release has been delayed, in fact i'm surprised it has a new trailer. one day i'll see this

Coming to selected theaters 11/2/18


i'm actually bad at playing along with docs, but this one has a good trailer