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Celluloid Lives: Major Studios Renew Deal with Kodak to Facilitate Shooting on Film

QuoteIn a primarily digital era, it seems like even household name directors like Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino have to battle for the right to shoot their movies on film. Those two directors were part of a group which led the charge back in 2015 to convince the studios to sign a deal with Kodak, which resulted in that company staying in business and producing a certain amount of film stock every year. That deal has since expired, but at last night's Kodak Film Awards, word came out that Disney, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Sony, and Warner Bros. have all renewed their contracts with Kodak once again. So film isn't dead yet – and it sounds like it might have a bit of a longer lease on life this time.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the industry's five major studios have struck a new deal with Kodak, which has committed to buying "undisclosed amounts of motion picture celluloid and thus guaranteeing its continued use for the foreseeable future."


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should go in the great shortz thread but i found this one first and well, it's beautifully shot on two different perfs ~


Vinegar Syndrome's Justin LaLiberty maintains this list: Movies Shot on Film 2013 and After


West Side Story, but no Licorice Pizza?


What's Up With the Grainy Film in HBO's LA Lakers Drama 'Winning Time'?

Quote"Our incredible [Cinematographer] Todd Banhazl and his partner Mihai Malaimare [Jr.] devised — Todd devised this style on the pilot, working with Adam McKay, who directed the pilot, and it was really about finding a way to bring the feel, the layered feel of what we're accustomed to seeing in a documentary into the world of a dramatic series so that we can take an audience in a kind of time machine,"

Quote"None of this is a digital effect," he continued. "This is all shot on film. It's shot on 35mm film. It's also shot on a 8mm film. And there's a third camera — the Ikegami, which ... it's like a format that's a predecessor of the Beta."