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Started by wilder, April 22, 2015, 10:18:07 PM

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For those who live in NY, Screen Slate, a site containing nearly exhaustive listings of all the repertory screenings happening around the city on a daily basis, is an invaluable resource. For anyone living elsewhere interested in older films, the news about new restorations [can be] a hint about what's to come in the home video market in the near future.

The site's creator has launched a Kickstarter campaign to revamp the site with more features allowing visitors to create their own calendars, sort screenings by venue, filmmakers, formats, and more...


Screen Slate: NYC Moving Image Culture

Established in late 2010, Screen Slate provides a comprehensive daily overview of repertory, independent, microcinema and gallery screenings in New York City, spotlighting the breadth and depth of its moving image culture.

At its core are comprehensive daily listings covering nearly 100 venues including repertory cinemas, arthouses, experimental and documentary film centers, art spaces, cultural institutions, galleries, museums and DIY spaces. Each day Screen Slate has a featured screening—anything from a classic Hollywood movie to the latest indie release, a forgotten gem, or a gallery video show—accompanied by localized commentary by some of New York's brightest emerging film, video, and arts writers.

Many readers also subscribe to Screen Slate Daily, an email option that delivers listings to inboxes each morning—to date, Screen Slate has sent more than a million daily emails.

...And it's pretty much been done by one person—entirely by hand.

Now New and Improved

Screen Slate is already an invaluable resource for thousands of daily readers. Now my collaborators and I are going to make it better: more searchable, sortable, and functional, with listings updated further in advance.

Imagine being able to do the following:

-Sort listings by venue, filmmaker/artist, country, series and formats
-View listings much further in advance
-Save listings to your personal calendar or e-mail invites to friends
-Create customized alerts for filmmakers/artists
-Submit your own events through a streamlined process
-View showtimes for an expanded selection of limited release indie films

This is what Screen Slate was always intended to be. But when I launched its current form—essentially as a prototype—the -demands of updating it put development on hold. So now, we're going to hire professional designers and developers to make Screen Slate the ultimate moving image resource it was always meant to be.

Screen Slate - Kickstarter