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Deaf Crocodile: First Look at New Restoration of The Tale of Tsar Saltan

QuoteDeaf Crocodile has released a promotional video for the brand new restoration of Aleksandr Ptushko's classic film The Tale of Tsar Saltan (1967). The label will bring the film to Blu-ray later this year.

Description: Based on a famous fairy tale in verse by Alexander Pushkin, THE TALE OF TSAR SALTAN is one of director Aleksandr Ptushko's most sublime creations: a ravishingly beautiful fantasy about love, magic, betrayal and abandoned family. Driven from the Russian court by her sisters' scheming, the young Tsarina (Larisa Golubkina) is thrown into the sea in a cask with her infant son. Surviving the storm-tossed voyage, the mother and her now magically-adult son (Oleg Vidov) land on a remote island where he falls in love with a Swan Princess in human form (Kseniya Ryabinkina), and longs for reunion with his estranged father, Tsar Saltan (Vladimir Andreyev).

Like his earlier masterpieces SAMPO and ILYA MUROMETS (also released by Deaf Crocodile), TSAR SALTAN is filled with breathtaking imagery: carved wooden lions who shed tears; peasants in pagan ritual masks, dancing in the snow; the treacherous faces of conspirators bathed in red candle glow like the witches in Macbeth.

Ptushko's second-to-last feature, TSAR SALTAN has been gorgeously restored by Mosfilm and Deaf Crocodile for its first-ever Blu-ray release in the U.S., co-presented with Seagull Films. In Russian with English subtitles.


I guess I'll put this here.

Warner Bros has a site for their "Warner Bros 100 Years - Celebrating Every Story" event this year.  The 70mm BOOGIE NIGHTS recently struck is part of this, is my understanding.

Very pleased to see MAGNOLIA on here as well!  Plus, 4 Kubricks.  I hope they all get the restoration/re-release treatment.


Gregg Araki's 1997 Cult Film 'Nowhere' Gets 4K Restoration

Strand Releasing is restoring Gregg Araki's 1997 cult film "Nowhere," bringing stars James Duval, Christina Applegate, Debi Mazar and Mena Suvari into 4K. This is the final addition to the restoration of Araki's 1990's Teen Apocalypse trilogy. In addition to Strand, the Bureau Sales and French producers Why Not are assisting on the project.

"I'm so gratified that these films are finding a new generation of viewers and seeing them projected at theatres and venues across the globe," said Araki. Select scenes omitted in the original theatrical "Nowhere" release for MPAA rating purposes will be restored in this new director's cut.

"Nowhere" is a black comedy take on teen drama. Araki mashes together decades of teenage television and movie tropes and wraps them up in this intense 24-hour snippet into the lives of Los Angeles college students. "Sexy, psychedelic, dementedly funny, with a sensational's like 'Clueless' with nipple rings," Paper Magazine wrote at the time.

The trilogy includes the 1995 and 1993 films "The Doom Generation" and "Totally F***ed Up," which were restored with oversight from Strand. The "Doom" restoration recently premiered at Sundance Film Festival. Strand will debut the new "Nowhere" alongside Araki's other two films this fall at Los Angeles's Academy Museum.

"We're thrilled to be restoring Gregg's films back to their originally conceived versions in stunning transfers," said Marcus Hu, co-president of Strand Releasing.

Roundabout's Vincent Pirozzi of Roundabout and Tripp Brock of Monkeyland Audio have been working on the projects with technical supervision from Beau Genot.


Really hoping this means all the 90s Araki work will get remastered and proper releases.


A 4K restoration of Gérard Krawczyk's L'été en pente douce (1987) is premiering at Cannes

When he inherits the family house and property after his mother's death, aspiring novelist Fane returns home with his bimbo girlfriend Lilas. He must care for his idiot brother Mo and contend with a greedy garage owner who covets Fane's property to expand his business. When efforts to buy the property are fruitless, the mechanic incites the townsfolk against the strange trio.

Quote from: Letterboxd user edkeIt's like a western and a polar and a neo noir and a Sartre play, it's French but it feels like Tenesse Williams, the characters are so strong yet they're all broken, and they're all fascinating and lovable even the bastards - it's a wonderful, unique movie.