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Casting: Keanu Reeves & Christina Hendricks Join Nicolas Refn's 'The Neon Demon,'
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You might not remember, but a few years back, Nicolas Winding Refn looked to team up with Keanu Reeves for "Jekyll," a modern retelling of "Jekyll and Hyde." That project fell apart over scheduling issues and other reasons, but it looks like they've kept in touch and found something else to collaborate on.

Reeves, "Drive" star Christina Hendricks, Jena Malone, Bella Heathcote, and Abbey Lee have all joined Elle Fanning in "The Neon Demon." For now, the lid is on the plot details, and all we know is that it's a female-driven horror flick. Refn has once again tapped Cliff Martinez to score the picture, with DP Philippe Le Sourd ("The Grand Master") lensing. Production starts on March 30th.


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Found through Criterion Forum, via The AV Club:

QuoteKeanu Reeves and Christina Hendricks have joined the cast of the presumably highly stylized and extremely violent horror flick. The duo will join 16-year-old lead Elle Fanning and Max Max: Fury Road's Abbey Lee, cast as the ringleader of a group of "vicious" and "maniacal" models.



Nicolas Winding Refn in conversation with Gaspar Noe
At the Danish Film Institute. 2014. The two directors discuss their work methods, current state of the film industry and their future projects. Space Rocket Nation is the production company of the acclaimed director/producer team of Nicolas Winding Refn and Lene Borglum.

Simple mind - simple pleasures...


My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn will be released February 27, 2015 - theatrical and VOD


First images from Neon Demon

Expected to be completed by early 2016


Nicolas Winding Refn Presents Series Is Releasing The 'RoboCop' Soundtrack On Vinyl
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A certain type of vintage genre score has rightfully earned its place in film music pantheon —think the haunting pulsations of John Carpenter, the woozy dreamscapes of Tangerine Dream, the throbbing disco-synth anxieties of Giorgio Moroder —and that atmospheric spirit as such is currently being channeled by filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn. The director recontextualized the Pet Shop Boys for a new generation with his bruising psycho prison film "Bronson"; he's turned throwback synth artist Johnny Jewel into a kind of modern rock star in the field thanks to his "Drive" score (the film's star Ryan Gosling has turned into a devotee too); and he's also helped transform Steven Soderbergh-collaborator Cliff Martinez ("Only God Forgives," "Solaris") into one of the most sought after modern film composers.

While Refn is creatively indebted to the mondo-exotica genre films of the '60s, '70s and '80s and their soundtracks, the filmmaker has used his recent cache to shine a spotlight onto forgotten or less remembered film scores. With Milan Records, he's launched the Nicolas Winding Refn Presents series.

The series so far has released the Cho Young-wok score from "Oldboy," and Disasterpeace's excellent electro score for the indie horror/thriller "It Follows" and coming up is Refn's own "Bronson" soundtrack in a vinyl edition, as well as a reissue of the original soundtrack to Paul Verhoeven's "Robocop" with music by Basil Poledouris. The soundtrack will be released on 2xLP with artwork by Jay Shaw on July 17th.

"The soundtrack is so strong, and it's so borderline camp," Refn told the The New York Times about his affection for the movie and its music. "But at the same time, it's so symphonically dark and humoristic. ['Robocop' is] a wonderful intersection of European filmmaking with very strong Hollywood thematic commercial abilities. It's one of the great films to come out of Hollywood."

A tease for what's next? Refn says his next film "The Neon Demon," to be scored by Cliff Martinez, will be sonically influenced by '70s proto-synth punks Suicide,  junkie punk Johnny Thunders, and gauzy '90s pillowgaze band Cocteau Twins, as well as Moroder.


Quote from: wilder on May 21, 2015, 02:59:53 PM
Refn says his next film "The Neon Demon," to be scored by Cliff Martinez, will be sonically influenced by '70s proto-synth punks Suicide,  junkie punk Johnny Thunders, and gauzy '90s pillowgaze band Cocteau Twins, as well as Moroder.

Excellent, excellent. Just like Martinez's previous work with Refn.

His OGF score was fantastic, and he did it with such a simple setup.


My Life Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn coming to DVD on May 26, 2015


Nicolas Winding Refn Says 'The Avenging Silence' Might Be A Spy Movie
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For the past few years, one of the projects Nicolas Winding Refn has been talking about is "The Avenging Silence." He's never delivered much in the way of concrete details, likely because he's still probably sorting it out, but the only thing he had previously been specific about is that the movie would be set in Tokyo. Well, he's recently revealed a bit more about his approach and a possible genre the movie could fall into.

"It's basically a character that appears in my other movies that will now appear again. Having done 'The Neon Demon,' which was predominantly women protagonists, the character that Mads [Mikkelsen] plays in 'Valhalla Rising,' Ryan [Gosling] plays him in 'Drive' or Vithaya [Pansringarm] in 'Only God Forgives,' I want to make a new movie with that character," he explained to Collider.

Currently writing the script for the film, Refn also reveals what kind of movie it might be. "I would love to do like a spy movie, something like that," he teased. But bear in mind, a "spy movie" from Refn could mean anything.


Nicolas Winding Refn announces debut book release The Act of Seeing
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Acclaimed Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn (Bronson, Drive) has announced the release of his debut book The Act of Seeing. Coauthored by FrighFest curator and renowned horror expert Alan Jones and trawls through Refn's unique collection of rare American film posters as it explores his which shows us Refn's earliest visual connection with movies, stemming from a childhood spent wondering the streets of Manhattan, obsessing over art house posters that decorated the outside walls of the elusive movie theatres he was too young to go in to.

Nicolas Winding Refn: The Act of Seeing - Amazon

This ridiculousness from Amazon:

QuoteFor the first time Nicolas Winding Refn, writer, producer and director of the PUSHER films, BRONSON, VALHALLA RISING, DRIVE, ONLY GOD FORGIVES and THE NEON DEMON, trawls through his unique collection of rare American film posters to unfold ways the viewer validates and actualises the presentation of key images into their own personal reality. From the vintage visuals of SPIKED HEELS AND BLACK NYLONS, OBSCENE HOUSE and ALICE IN ACIDLAND to THE TWISTED SEX, TORTURE ME KISS ME and ZERO IN AND SCREAM – to name just a few of the tantalizing film titles showcased – the controversial Danish icon constructs a whole new way of looking at the key artwork and shameless hyperbole thought up in the back alley gutters of the exploitation industry. The masterfully overblown promises and alluring tag-lines were dubious attractions solely devised to persuade the ravished sight to suppress the cool head of reason and tempt it to sit in a dark auditorium to watch other people's lurid lives shockingly unravel. Now the celebrated filmmaker makes complicit voyeurs of us all by editing his exceptional collection of little-seen and vivid front-of-house displays into an extraordinary creation to match the observation sensations explored in his own pioneering screen work. With comprehensive historical context provided for each poster and every production detail meticulously overseen by Winding Refn himself, this book encapsulates everything he has knows about eyewitness confrontation on a heart-felt journey into the art and act of seeing. This lavish quarter bound volume has unpredented production values including silk covered boards and a cloth bound gold embossed slipcase. Nicolas Winding Refn: The Act of Seeing is the first book from the new NWR imprint from FAB Press, a collaboration with cinema's most exciting contemporary talent, Nicolas Winding Refn. It is Nicolas's wish to produce books that focus on iconic rebels in the entertainment industry, presenting to the world high-end art books of the finest possible quality.


John Hyams To Direct Nicolas Winding Refn Produced Remake Of 'Maniac Cop'
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"Right now, we're just going through writers and getting the script ready, and we hope to go make it in the future. [William Lustig]'s a very underrated director. His films are very influential still, and it's a great privilege to be able to work with him. We're taking it one step and a time, but very soon we will find a director and they will make it his or her movie," Nicolas Winding Refn said over two years ago about the brewing remake of "Maniac Cop" that he was producing. And not not much has been heard about it in that time, but it looks like the redo of the cult classic has some new life.

Twitch reports that John Hyams is on board to direct the project, with the filmmaker himself confirming the news on Twitter. Hyams is probably best known for directing "Universal Soldier: Regeneration" and "Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning," which have found approval from fans of that franchise. Meanwhile, Ed Brubaker will be penning the script, and while early word was that this will be a prequel to the 1988 film, it seems to be a straight up redo now.