Where do you write and what do you use?

Started by Adam0199, March 19, 2003, 11:27:21 PM

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Final Draft.
A few cafe's where I can plug in my old lap top.
Pen and paper on Notebooks
Note Cards

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I write in my room, in the dark, with music playing (or sometimes a movie playing in the background). I use Movie Magic Screenwriter; I used to be a purist and type everything in Word, but then I tried a program and it hooked me within a few seconds.

I also used to do the laptop/cafe routine from time to time, but then I accidentally 'liquidated' the motherboard on the darn thing. Oh well.

I'm really not too good when it comes to handwriting, unfortunately. I've been spoiled; I'm too impatient. Hearing the keys clack away keeps me going.


final draft,
i write in my room,
or with paper and pen in my bed

i play some music really loud. depends what im writing, what scene.... ill play something that would be a good soundtrack for it.


I need silence to write.  I just do it in my room...I kind of laugh along and talk to myself a lot more than usual too while doing it.


final draft... in my room... late a night usually (just the way it works out)... usually playing some music, and talking to people on IM :oops:

i'm so ashamed


Quote from: xerxes
i'm so ashamed

why? cause you chat while you write?

warhol watched tv while he painted.


I use Final Draft. I usually write in my office at home or at work when I have nothing else to do. When I was in college, I'd end up writing three pages of script a day. During boring lecture classes and in breaks between. Oh, the good times.
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pen, paper, tv on mute.

pen/cil, paper, bed.

alone, or at least hidden.
under the paving stones.


computer room...microsoft word...sometimes lights out, sometimes lights on...music playing


living room...pen/paper...dvd playing


my bedroom...pen/paper...lights on...silence...pacing...talking to myself

I actually think of 90% of my ideas when I'm listening to my mp3 player with my headphones on...I can completely focus on the music and block out all outside noise. I think of tons of ideas doing that. I write them down when I get home.


I've given up on writing. Everytime I try to do something productive I end up on fucking xixax.com. I've realized I'm not a very talented writer and now I just write out scene descriptions in my notebook, with an occasional line of dialogue I definitely want in the movie. It's more efficient because now all my scenes have an aim that they're trying to reach. Plus, I haven't started filming yet, but the actors I use love to ad-lib and they'll have a lot of fun during shooting. Expect it up here in a month or two.
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I use Final Draft

I write whenever I am suppossed to be doing something else. Pressure feeds my creativity. I carry my laptop everywhere I go, so at any moment I can start going.

Today I was at work and had a few minutes before I had to leave to catch a boat home and that was THE EXACT moment I needed to start writing because I had a few new lines of dialogue that I had to put into the script I was working on, so I broke out the laptop and pushed myself to the time limit, ran and coaught my boat, wrote on the ride, ran over to catch my bus, wrote on the cramped bus home, now I'm home and I haven't got it in me to continue, but the plus side is I wrote 8 pages today... :roll:
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Notebook with pen for the outline.  Final Draft for the screenplay.

Usually listening to music, but no lyrics... too distracting, can turn your characters voice into the singers.


Usually in bed with pencil/pen and paper and music playing, sometimes one song on repeat if I think that song "fits the mood" or whatever (tacky, I know, but it works for me). I usually like writing at night with the blinds and door closed and the lights on, artificial lighting works better for writing for some reason, while natural lighting is good for thinking of ideas.

Then once I'm done writing it on paper I transcribe it on a screenwriting program (Sophocles-- not well known or anything but I'm used to it) in my bed on my 1996 laptop I only use for writing, and I revise whatever I don't like. The other reason I use that laptop is because it has no internet connection so I can't distract myself.
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Quote from: GhostboyI write in my room, in the dark, with music playing (or sometimes a movie playing in the background).

Sounds VERY familiar! I use Final Draft though. I have one of those microcassette recorder things which come in very handy if you are too lazy to write or if you wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea.. I also tend to scribble notes on anything that happens to be lying around..