Favorite Coen Bros. Movie?

Started by Satcho9, January 09, 2003, 03:50:07 PM

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My personal fav. is The Big Lebowski, but I truly do love all of their movies like my own bastardized children.


Each of them have their own little charm. It's hard to know which I prefer more than others.

I do think my least favorite is "Man Who Wasn't There". I was expecting something more after the greatness of OBWAT...
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"Fargo" followed very closely by "Blood Simple." Least fave (although still good): "O Brother..." And "Hudsucker" is an underrated gem.
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my favourites

i really liked The Man Who Wasn't There. it had a very nice, rambling-monology story. Ed Crane is one of their best characters. Fargo's just really sweet movie making. funny, tragic, and i can feel (feel, feee-eel) Macy's burning regret every time i watch it. Hudsucker is gooold. the most cartoony Coen film...Blood Simple's one of the most gruesome films i've ever seen, but it's truly great wondering what happens after it's over. damn. the last time i watched the Big Lebowski i finally came to the realization that it's a perfect movie. really, there's absolutely nothing in it short of fantasmical anywhere.


Quote from: picolasthere's absolutely nothing in it short of fantasmical anywhere.
What was the deal with Jesus? He had no purpose. Comic relief, maybe.
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What was the deal with Jesus? He had no purpose. Comic relief, maybe.

he filled the derangedbowlingalleygoer/sexoffender-shaped hole in the movie, thus making him essential!


The Biiiig Lebowski is my absolute favourite Coen Brothers movie and one of my favourite movies ever. There are scenes there I can watch so many times, so many fucking times and never get bored. Jeff Bridges is perfect casting, John Goodman gave one of my favourite performances in movie history (yeah, I said it!!), then there are Julianne Moore, Bez Gazzara, Steve Buscemi (whose performance I find funnier every time I see it) and an also unbelieveble Philip Seymour Hoffman as Brandt (there's this laugh he gives after Bunny says "I'll suck your cock for a thousand dollars that just cracks me up).....

Well, that said, I guess the only movie from them that I really didn't LOVE (which doesn't necessarily make it a bad movie) is "O Brother..."


I love 'Barton Fink'.  Beautiful cinematography and a great performance by one of the most under-utilized actors, John Turturro.  I liked the slower pacing too.


I love Barton Fink, it's a shame I have to watch it on shitty VHS...Any plans to release this on DVD?


I've heard of plans for a DVD release but I don't know of any dates.  All I've heard is the talk.

They mention it at this site (along with 'Miller's Crossing' and SE 'Raising Arizona'); go down to the date 6/25/02.   There's another mention of it more recently in a long list of titles on 12/4/02.   http://www.thedigitalbits.com/rumormill.html

I know its not much at all, but I like to check this site every once in a while to see what's cooking.  At least it's being talked about.

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My favorite is Lebowski ("Your name's Lebowski Lebowski")

For Christmas, my wife gave me Big Lebowski on DVD, a bottle of Vodka and a bottle of Kahlua and yes, I watched it and drank white russians that night and it was awesome.

My least favorite is probably Barton Fink.  Just cuz.


Raising Arizona before Lebowski.

Now I'm glad that the dude abides.


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