Once Upon a Time in Italy

Started by Ravi, May 04, 2004, 12:20:03 AM

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Sorry, haven't seen any of them, but these

QuoteA Bullet for the General
Four of the Apocalypse

are two of the most intriguing filmtitles ever. A month ago I almost blind bought the set based purely on the coolness of them  :-D


i own that set and theyre all fucking great


I own this boxset and its a fucking treasure!

All of the transfers are great! The movies themselves are phenomenal, I might be biased because I am a huge fan of Italian cinema, particularly the spaghetti westerns! My favorite is of couarse A Bullet for the General, which is also known as Quien Sabe?(Who Knows?) . It stars Lou Castel, Klaus Kinski, Gian Maria Volente, Martine Bestwick, and of couarse Aldo Sambrell(whose a common face in spaghetti westerns, along with Kinski). I am huge fan of the cast members so this is a treat but I enjoyed the story, and its pace. Lou Castel is an interesting actor, he was in Fists in Pocket which is on the Criterion collection and he was also in Beware of a Holy Whore.

Comapneros is another GREAT ENTRY, here is a Sergio Corbucci film, a maestro of the genre! Starring two of European cinemas greatest Franco Nero and Tomas Milian! I loved this movie, also Jack Palance places the villian, and he is amazing!

Four of the Apocalypse is a Lucio Fulci movie, that said, its pretty violent, I enjoyed it but its not for everyone. Fabio Testi is in it as well an American actor from that movie Redford hated making and Bonnie and Cylde, actors name escapes me at the moment and I am too lazy to go to IMDB and retrieve his name. If your a Fulci fanatic like me you will enjoy it.

Texas Adios is enjoyable, great set design, interesting story, Franco Nero hold it down as the older brother looking to avenge his fathers death, his little brother goes along for the ride and well, a melodrama unfolds, I enjoyed this as well. i plan on revisiting it again