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Started by SHAFTR, November 17, 2003, 11:44:42 PM

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there's a deep discount 15% off sale with codeword HATTER. frankly i don't think that sale is so impressive if they have their 20% off sales still, but I'm feeling sad enough about my number of unseen porn movies diminishing that I ordered Matinee Idol, and because I have a harder time than I should at ordering from Severin this was the way I finally ordered Viy

later also purchased Bat Pussy


Kino sale

Ronin sale Ronin is a curation of movie nerd movies. my friend literally right now while I'm typing this sent me a screen pic of the movies he himself purchased: Youngblood, Clifford, Gas Pump Girls, Bucktown, Angel Unchained, Cold Heaven, A Small Town in Texas, Sword of the Valiant, The Peacekillers