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Started by phil marlowe, January 29, 2003, 12:57:07 PM

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I was just reading about an old laserdisc commentary by James Stewart for Winchester '73. To my disapointment it appeared to have been left off the DVD features however it was just mislabled as an 'interview' and I'm now enjoying listening to the legends memories in that great Jimmy Stewart voice.
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Ahnold explains everything that's right in front of our faces in Total Recall


Quote from: Reelist on November 24, 2011, 11:40:26 AM
Ahnold explains everything that's right in front of our faces in Total Recall

lol. The best ever.
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Quote from: Reelist on November 24, 2011, 11:40:26 AM
Ahnold explains everything that's right in front of our faces in Total Recall
Is this commentary the one on the DVD from the early 2000's? 

Just read through the thread.
2 I've been wanting to hear:

Road House/Kevin Smith
Cable Guy BR/Carrey/Stiller/Apatow

Anyone heard these?
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Malcolm Mcdowell & Nick Redman commentary for A Clockwork Orange
A wealth of information and anecdotes regarding Kubrick
Malcolm even mentions how Kubrick shot his own Newsweek Cover photo that Pubrick posted here: http://xixax.com/index.php?topic=12329.0


a good one is Taylor Hackers talking about California and the making of Against All Odds,

i love Abel Ferrara and his commentaries are gold. James Toback and David Milich also do great stuff both writing wise and commentary wise

Whatever happened to the P.T Anderson CAMP commentary track?

oh and Roger Avary''s commentaries are pretty dope too


Lately I've gotten sick of listening to podcasts with hosts who are so ill informed that all they're really capable of is bickering about current events and their personal lives. It makes me long for the days when commentaries took up that space in my life, with 'hosts' that you idolized and stories that were so educational and inspiring. The only reason I don't listen to them more is they're inconvenient to access. If I like a movie enough, I don't want to sit and watch it with a voiceover tacked on, it feels like a waste of film. Unless it's one of the classics where they're actually doing a mini film history lesson like Ebert's on "Citizen Kane". So, usually I will throw a t shirt over the TV and listen to them when I go to sleep. Even listening to them that way feels very archaic, "You mean I have to stay put in this room to hear a piece of audio like it's a floor model radio?" I've considered dubbing the audio so I can have it on my iphone, but it turned out to be an arduous task.

Anyways, last night I stumbled upon this guy's youtube channel after watching Gremlins 2 and wanting to hear the commentary. He not only had that, but the first one too and it turns out hundreds of others. And he's found a creative naming system to keep them from being taken down. Thought you'd find it interesting, I know that dozens of hours of my time will be occupied there..

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Whoa, great find! And a fantastic idea. I feel the same reluctance about "watching" commentaries. This is perfect. I'll have to rip the ones I'm interested in while this is up.
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This is a FANTASTIC find, thank you!