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Guillermo del Toro Is Working On A Documentary About Michael Mann
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On the face of it, you probably couldn't imagine two filmmakers more dissimilar than Guillermo del Toro and Michael Mann. The former creates intricate fantasy worlds, weaving fairy tales and dark-edged stories, with his own distinct fingerprint and creative spirit. The latter is a filmmaker who studies characters obsessed with process, shoots with precision, and places an emphasis on realism. However, both filmmakers are immaculate craftsmen, which makes this next bit of news tremendously exciting.

At the Lumière Film Festival, Cannes honcho Thierry Fremaux presented the recent director's cut of Michael Mann's "Heat," and revealed a fascinating nugget of information: Guillermo del Toro is making a documentary about Michael Mann.

That's about all the details there are at the moment. There's no word if it's a feature (though Mann certainly has the filmography to support that), or if it'll be the kind of thing with an extra feature on something like a release by The Criterion Collection.


The Jericho Mile (1979) is coming to blu-ray from Kino July 3rd

Larry "Rain" Murphy is stuck in Folsom Prison for life on a first-degree murder charge. An inmate who prefers to be alone, Murphy spends much of his time running around the facility's track. When he begins reaching a mile in under four minutes, Murphy gains the attention of the jail's officials, who contemplate entering him in the Olympics. While Murphy is initially resistant to the idea, eventually he starts training to be an Olympic competitor.

The Jericho Mile (1979) - Amazon

In his video essay series 'Zen Pulp', Matt Zoller Seitz discusses the visual and thematic trademarks Jericho Mile contains that can be seen throughout the rest of Mann's filmography.


'Heat': Michael Mann Wants To Make His Prequel Novel Into A Film, As Well As Make A Sequel
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A little under a year ago, Michael Mann teased the release of his upcoming novel that will serve as a prequel to the acclaimed crime thriller, "Heat." Without even knowing anything about the plot, fans of the film were ecstatic at the idea of Mann returning to the world of "Heat" one more time. Well, won't those fans be excited to know that Mann also has dreams of making a film based on that novel, as well as a potential sequel.

Speaking to Deadline, Mann updated progress on the "Heat" novel and revealed, "We're on it, and I'm putting time into that and a screenplay I can't tell you about. But I absolutely want to make a movie of the 'Heat' prequel, and a sequel."


December 8, 2020

Collateral (2004) on 4K UHD blu-ray from Paramount

Vincent is a cool, calculating contract killer at the top of his game. Max is a cabbie with big dreams and little to show for it. Now, Max has to transport Vincent on his next job - one night, five stops, five hits and a getaway. And after this fateful night, neither man will ever be the same again. Tonight everything is changing...

Quote from: blu-ray.comCollateral is not a film of vivid colors and scrumptious textures. It's a gritty experience, blended between film and digital construction. It's packed with grain and noise, low light conditions, and not a lot of visual splash. It's not a film that immediately springs to mind as one that would benefit from the UHD treatment, but the 4K/Dolby Vision presentation does offer some subtle refinements that altogether make for a pleasing, and ultimately critical, series of visual improvements. One of the most immediately obvious benefits is the disc's ability to render the grain and noise a bit more pleasantly and efficiently. On the UHD it's more organic, less spiky and dense, still a very noticeable and daresay critical component of the visual experience. Texturally the upgrade is a little more nuanced but still evident, even as it's reportedly sourced from a 2K digital intermediate. The UHD renders skin details, textures inside the cab, and location specifics both inside offices and out in the city with increased command of fine point details. Clarity is improved even through the mess of grain and noise and viewers will note more pleasantly crisp and authentic intricacies that help to elevate the film's visuals to greater heights. It's not revelatory but rather more clearly realized.

The Dolby Vision color grading does some good work in tightening up the picture's color spectrum. This is a dark film and black levels are mission critical to its success. The UHD presents these darker nighttime blacks, shadows, and low light interiors with greater depth but also more realistic accessibility. The movie greatly benefits from a more stable and consistent black level series through a wide range of deeper and lighter shades of black as lower light locations are influenced by an array of surrounding light sources, whether streetlights at night, dim lights inside a club, or instrument readouts and signage glowing inside the cab. Opposite, white balance and brilliance are improved, though never to the point of compromising tonal integrity to match the film's color timing and mood. There is a slightly less green cast to parts of the movie and essential colors, including skin tones, are improved as well (look at the cab scene when Max first meets Annie). Even the brightest colors are only tweaked for depth. This is a very tasteful Dolby Vision application. The palette is reinforced but only within Mann's and Cinematographers Dion Beebe and Paul Cameron's vision for the film. The picture is free of obvious encode artifacts as well. This is by no means a "looker" but fans will find the upgrades to add up to a fairly good looking take on the film and the clear-cut best presentation yet for home consumption.


Michael Mann's Heat sequel novel will be published in August



Adam Driver, Penélope Cruz & Shailene Woodley Set To Star In Michael Mann's Passion Project 'Ferrari'; STX Inks Big Domestic Deal & Handles Int'l — EFM

Heat director Michael Mann is getting closer to the start line on his passion project Ferrari thanks to some strong new cast and a big domestic deal with STX.

We can reveal that Oscar nominee Adam Driver, Oscar winner Penélope Cruz and Emmy nominee Shailene Woodley are newly aboard for the big-budget biopic of racing mogul Enzo Ferrari.

Star Wars and House Of Gucci actor Driver is replacing Hugh Jackman in the title role while Parallel Mothers star Cruz will play Enzo's wife Laura. Big Little Lies star Woodley will play mistress Lina Lardi. Four-time Oscar nominee Mann is gearing up for a May start in Italy.

STX is handling International rights and has now picked up domestic in a big deal with Mann. As we revealed in previous reporting on the project, Amazon is aboard in a handful of international markets. STX International will look to close remaining deals this week with some big international pacts already secured, including Leone in Italy.

The movie, which Mann has been working on for two decades, is set during the summer of 1957. Ex-racecar driver, Ferrari, is in crisis. Bankruptcy stalks the company he and his wife, Laura, built from nothing ten years earlier. Their tempestuous marriage struggles with the mourning for one son and the acknowledgement of another. He decides to counter his losses by rolling the dice on one race – 1,000 miles across Italy, the iconic Mille Miglia.

The project has famously been through multiple iterations, but this is as far along as the casting has been at any stage.
Mann will direct from a script by Troy Kennedy Martin (The Italian Job) and Mann based on Brock Yates' book Enzo Ferrari – The Man and the Machine. The filmmaker is also producing via his Moto Productions banner alongside P.J. van Sandwijk and Birdman producer John Lesher, as well as Lars Sylvest, Thorsten Schumacher and Gareth West with Niels Juul executive-producing.



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QuoteBlu-ray Special Features Include:

NEW Academy Panel reuniting Mann, Pacino and De Niro and moderated by Christopher Nolan
NEW Toronto International Film Festival Q&A with Mann
Commentary by Michael Mann
The Making of HeatTrue Crime
Crime Stories
Into the Fire
Pacino and De Niro: The Conversation
Return to the Scene of the Crime

Additional Footage:

- Deleted Scenes
Scene 5 - Season's starting early
Scene 42 - Nicest guy on the block
Scene 55 - Albert and Hanna (Alternate Take)
Scene 62 – Shakedown
Scene 76 - Murder in C-Block
Scene 96A - Let's Dance
Scene 125 - Late arrival
Scene 148/147 - Where's Anna?
Scene 177B - Double the worst trouble
Scene 191 - Nate delivers
Scene 204A - No response
Theatrical TrailersSurprise of a Lifetime
Two Actors Collide
Closing In