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w/o horse

I like what you're saying.  Uncomfortable and tense is right.
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Bernal to star in Moodysson pic
'Mammoth' to lense in November
Source: Variety

VENICE/BERLIN — Gael Garcia Bernal has agreed to star in Swedish director Lukas Moodysson's upcoming drama "Mammoth."

Garcia Bernal, who will next appear in Hector Babenco's Argentine drama "El Pasado" and Fernando Meirelle's "Blindness" with Julianne Moore, plays a successful New Yorker who decides to radically change his life while on a trip to Thailand with his wife and daughter.

"Bernal is one of the most exciting young actors working today," said Moodysson. "He was my dream choice."

Additional roles have yet to be cast.

The $10 million production begins shooting in November in Thailand, New York, Sweden and in the Philippines.

Pic is co-produced by Stockholm-based Memfis Film, Lars von Trier and Peter Aalbaek Jensen's Zentropa Entertainment in Copenhagen and the new Zentropa Intl. Berlin, headed by former X Filme producer Maria Koepf.

The project has won the backing of a hodgepodge of financiers, including Sweden's Film i Vast, Swedish Television, the Swedish Film Institute, TV2 Denmark, the Danish Film Institute, the German Federal Filmboard, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the Nordic Film & TV Fund and Eurimages.
"Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art." - Andy Warhol

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Williams joins Moodysson's 'Mammoth'
Source: Hollywood Reporter

LONDON -- Oscar-nominated Michelle Williams will star alongside Gael Garcia Bernal in Swedish director Lukas Moodysson's first English-language movie, "Mammoth," producer Lars Jonsson of Memfis Film said Friday.

Moodysson's project is scheduled to shoot on location in Thailand, the Philippines, Sweden and New York beginning Nov. 5.

It revolves around a successful New York couple played by Williams ("Brokeback Mountain") and Garcia Bernal, their daughter and their Filipino nanny whose lives take a dramatic turn after the father goes on a business trip to the Philippines.

The film is produced by Moodysson's longtime producer partner Lars Jonsson of Memfis Film.

The director said he thinks Williams "relays intelligence, poise and presence in every character she plays."

A regular on the international big-name festival circuit, Moodysson's previous films include "Fucking Amal," "Together" and "Lilya 4-ever."

Williams is represented by Hylda Queally at CAA. The deal was brokered by co-producer Vibeke Windelov on behalf of Memfis Film.

A Swedish/German/Danish co-production, "Mammoth" will be produced by Memfis Film in co-production with Zentropa Berlin and Zentropa Entertainments with backing from Film i Vast, SVT, TV2 Denmark, Medienboard Berlin, Swedish Filminstitute, Danish Filminstitute, Filmforderungsanstalt, Nordic Film- & TV Fund and Eurimages.

International sales for the film are handled by Denmark's Trust Film Sales.
"Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art." - Andy Warhol

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w/o horse

Raven haired Linda and her school mate Linnea are studying after school, when their desires take over and they kiss and strip off their clothes. They take turns fingering and licking one another's trimmed pussies on the desks, then fuck each other to intense orgasms with colorful vibrators.


i've never been much of a fan of moodyson. i don't see what the fuss is all about. his movies aren't very memorable and they're all kinda contrived if you ask me. it's like, all his films are stories he's heard about through the news or internet and thought would make really good films but he has no firsthand experience to really convey effectively what his characters are going through. i feel like his movies would make good swedish tv specials but i don't know how or why they make it to america.

then again, looking back on his career, i've only ever seen fucking amal and lilja 4ever. maybe together is one of the best movies ever, but i wouldn't know cuz i'd never eat the filthy mutha fucka.
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Quotemaybe together is one of the best movies ever, but i wouldn't know cuz i'd never eat the filthy mutha fucka.

I certainly think it's his best film, and very much worth a view. In comparison to his other films, it's pretty down to earth. His typical 'big bursts of truthful behavior' are less big and ring more true. I've only seen it once, and might be forgetting some overblown moment.

Quote from: Just Withnail on February 27, 2006, 07:53:33 PMI'm waiting for another fantastic effort from one of the few directors whose films aren't completely emotionally neutered.

I don't mean that, and have no idea of what mindset I was in to call him one of 'the few directors...'.

w/o horse

The material he chooses mainly, and the way this material, naturalistically in my eyes, opens the characters up.  He seems connected to the pathos and idiosyncrasies of childhood pain and desperation that most other directors soften or convert into more emblematic terms.  Moodysson is right there in the moment.  But I know basically what you're saying bonanzataz, because in one way he's kind of a Swedish Cameron Crowe, the way he pumps the pop tunes and tearjerking moments.  But I think you're off base about his emotional involvement in his stories and it's more likely than not that it's your personal experiences that distance you from his films.  Because I've read Moodysson's interviews, know about his poetry career, know his basic filmmaking philosophy (the more intimate and singular the moment the more universally it can be received) and he's never been a Russian girl forced into prostitution in a foreign land but the matter of shattered conceptions and unfulfilled fantasy has never effected me as much (and my reply from my first viewing is only a page or two back).

It's this sickly blend of romanticism and tragedy and modern culture that elevates him above the competition for me.  Finally, yes,  Together is the best and most complete from his oeuvre.
Raven haired Linda and her school mate Linnea are studying after school, when their desires take over and they kiss and strip off their clothes. They take turns fingering and licking one another's trimmed pussies on the desks, then fuck each other to intense orgasms with colorful vibrators.


Just found this recent interview with him (very roughly translated):

Lukas Moodysson GP in March 5, 2011

Lukas Moodysson's latest film, Hollywood Production Mammoth, was not a success. Maybe it was his last film as a director. Right now he hatnjuter of that, through writing, war with itself, as in the new book Death & Co..

There was a time when Lukas Moodysson was as big as the biggest kind of rock star, at least in Sweden. Ingmar Bergman acclaimed him for Show Me Love, he gave the whole film establishment the finger wearing bear ears on Guldbaggegalan and then rolled it on with Together and controversial Lilya 4-ever.

But with A Hole in My Heart, Container, and Mammoth, it has not been as easy, either publicly or with critics. While he has with sharp strokes deleted in that he does not care about what people think and feel. He did not do it when he wrote poetry and was a part of the cocky literary gang Malmo league and he does not now.

See you in a conference room in the middle of Bonnier's headquarters on Sveavägen in Stockholm.

Lukas Moodysson never answers short and sharp. Sometimes it feels as if he refuses to answer or thinks that my questions are too stupid. But then, in the middle of the silence in the conference room, he starts talking and his response squiggles and fights its way to where he wants to come. Something like that his writing seems to work. Death & Co. is about Lucas c and his grief and loneliness after his father's death and was written in a snorting speed when his own father died.

When you began writing Death & Co., you knew what you wanted to do?
No, you never know. It is always so that it grows. I start at one end, is some kind of detour and end up somewhere else.

Is it a nervous way of working, you do not know where to go?
The process is not nervous. For me, the process must be transparent, that you may try things out and see. It does not mean I think that what I write so it will be good. I often feel dissatisfied with what I have written and are not sure if it works. But it's almost always fun while working. If you understand the difference?

Yes. But how does it feel now, you sit here and talk about a finished book, are you satisfied?
Two or three people I trust have found it good enough. In the middle of work, I felt it would be a book and that it would not work on a movie. This is the first time in a very long time that I feel I did something that is a book in a kind of pure form.

There is a tremendous energy in the book, a pace that at times, the Formula 1-smelling, it was fun to write?
Somewhere along the way, it was great fun to work and go to work. When I wrote the most, I wrote enormous amounts of text every day. It was an interesting experience that the death could extract something that was full of energy, life and happiness in any way. It was never more than just the beginning, as if I was writing something sad. It was always full of zest for life. It's weird.

It sounds like a nice way to process their grief?
Yes, but perhaps deeper than that, if you do not just talk about literature without talking about death in real life. It was an interesting experience to extract as much life and humor out of something that was so sad. It felt like it dawned on me that there is a lot of life in death. Or at least for us who live there, that in some cases there is something that is fun in any way.

Was it hope?
I experienced enough not to any ends, for it could be painful too. I think of people who lose loved ones and who might not find any humor in it. But to me the basic feeling that death puts an end to anything but that it continues afterwards. The realization feel central to the book.

But it was death you wanted to write from scratch?
Ah, I was also interested in writing me to a kind of parallel life where I could assign my own properties, where I could streamline a small part of me. I was equally interested in, where the parallel with the choices in life. If you change the two-three-four things in one's life will be very different. But Death & Co. is probably also about how to respond to their environment. Lucas throws out on trips and get the idea that he should give food to the homeless on the street. To what extent should we as humans take responsibility for their environment?

Lucas c think a lot of lost youth and the past - do you recognize yourself in it?

I feel enough - much more than Lucas with c - as someone who is very mentally and physically present in the world. Right now. I may end up in the nostalgic and sentimental situations, but I can not and dream back to a lost paradise or something. I'm quite fond of life as it stands right now. Nor are they so afraid of death. I am in a sort of peace compared to the past.

Do you have a relative peace for yourself, too?
No. I do not know. I'm probably very much at war with myself.

In what way?
Writing is a bit like taking against himself. One should question oneself. There is some kind of approach to what you write. It's all about smashing things, reevaluate things and force himself to see things from other angles. And then, afterwards, rarely or almost never feel satisfied with what you have accomplished. No peace with myself I do not think really that I have. Not in my work anyway.

How much do you bring home the writing, you can disconnect when you are like most inside the writing?
It was very difficult before. Usually I'm very good at channeling and in some strange way to get anything between nine and three. Then it enters a period of peace. Then you go to war again, every morning at half past nine, when the kids have gone to school. Det är märkligt.

When you start writing, you feel dread or longing you?

My f ru and I live next door to us, we go out of our apartment and into the apartment next door. But some days I do not even there. For me, it is important to keep some kind of engine running, then throw myself into something entirely different interests. Something that actually keeps me awake.

What could it be?
It can be anything. I had a period where I was very interested in the pens. But in the end, I felt it went a bit at idle because I was perhaps not so much interested. Chess is one of those interests, even if I am stupid. It is useful to engage in things which do not make any demands on himself. We live very much in such a time, where everything must be some kind of achievement. Some things just do it. If you are good or bad. But it would be hard for your family if you were really bad at cooking, if you cook directly disgusting food.

It feels like people's image of you is quite different from where you stood with bear ears on the scene.
I am a person who can honestly say that I have not Googled myself in a long time. I'm not so interested in what people write about me and what people think of me. It is mostly a strange feeling, that people I never met, yet have an opinion about me.

You seem to be very onostalgisk, but if you look back on as Show Me Love, what do you feel?
Show Me Love shows up in the school context all the time. A teacher at my son's school told me that my son would not see it. Otherwise, they tend to show Show Me Love for discussions of sex and relationships education. But just in his class jumped over the Show Me Love. Nice!

Do you long after never doing anything which gives results faster? Writing books and making films, there are processes that take a very long time.
A book work that way for me, it is much faster. I write: I walk down a flight of stairs. Then it is finished. As I have written screenplays I write: Nissan goes down a flight of stairs and then six months later or two years later, I'll shoot anyone who pretends to be Nisse to walk down a flight of stairs. And then it cut together with another picture, of which Lisa is waiting for Nissan or something. It was wonderful to skip it for once, the entire process. Especially with the Mammoth was that very heavy and sad, to sit and think of something and redo and redo.

There are so many people involved in a movie also ...
Yes, it was also nice now, to avoid work. At least in the beginning it was very nice to get out and be among people and work together. You feel trapped right in his own little room where you sit and write. I do not know if it's because I have become old or whatever it is, but I do not really know that I have the desire anymore. But it might come back.

How do you see the film itself, then, do you long to process?
No. Or yes, there are some things I would like to try, no lawsuits and no substance but it feels like I'm in such a case, writing and not directing. If I will be directing it should be something very small. Two actors in a room or something like that.

Do you feel like a part of the establishment in Sweden film?
Do not know what that means really. I have not thought about it. I'm not saying you're wrong, it's probably best that I do not analyze my position so much. So I really do not know what position I have.

How do you see the reception of Mammoth like this two years later?
I'm pretty tired of talking about Mammoth, it feels more fun to talk about my book. But it was a pretty interesting host. There were no situations that I thought were interesting and fun. Someone told me that she was very moved by the movie and cried and then when the movie ended on display in Berlin as the man who sat next to her started storbua. So different reactions from two people who sit so physically close to each other. I think this was funny.

Does it feel like fun, what you write now?
Yes. I do not know what it is. But I also think that I have written me to something where I actually mean what I say. It is not often, usually it will no posturing or pretending to do a certain thing. Trying to write as straight as possible, from the heart, is still the most important thing and it feels like I've done it. And do it now.

My Bookmarks:
- I do not use the Internet. In principle. Well, I play chess on one side but would not say which one. I'm too bad at chess. I use the Internet as a source to find me on to the places where real knowledge is, namely in the books. If you really want to go deeply into a subject so there is not online. But of course I can find out the basic facts on the Internet.

Karl Fredrik Lukas Moodysson
Born on 17 January 1969.
Lives: In Malmo.
Family: Married with Coco Moodysson, cartoonist. They have three children.
Current: With the death & Co., his first novel in 21 years.

Source -


toronto reviews suggest fullfillment of the promise: moodysson, back at it!!


First look at HBO's debut Scandinavian original 'Gösta' (exclusive)
26 March 2018

Filming is now underway on Gösta, the first Scandinavian original from HBO Europe.

Produced through the company's HBO Nordic division, the comedy-drama is being written and directed by Swedish filmmaker Lukas Moodysson, whose feature credits include Show Me Love (Fucking Åmål), Together (Tillsammans), Lilya 4-Ever (Lilja 4-ever), and We Are the Best! (Vi är bäst!).

The eight-part series is shooting in the Småland forests, south Sweden. Producers are Lars Jönsson for Memfis Film. Executive producers for HBO are Hanne Palmquist, Steve Matthews and Antony Root.

Vilhelm Blomgren will play the lead role of Gösta, a 28-year old child psychologist who gets his first job in a small rural town. Further key cast include Amy Deasismont, Mattias Silvell, Clara Christiansson, Regina Lund, Elisabet Carlsson, Nidhal Fares and Gustav Berg.

The series will premiere on HBO Nordic and across HBO Europe territories in autumn 2019.




Since Gösta, all of his films are available on HBO, in Sweden at least. You have probably already seen Show Me Love and We Are the Best! but Together is really good as well, and worth checking out!

"Washing up is bourgeois!"


I was really into him way back when, should check out his recent stuff. Lilja 4-Ever was a very big deal to me.


Has been on HBO Nordic since last July. Wondering if Robyn has seen it. I restarted an HBO Now subscription in hopes of watching with a VPN but I guess that's no dice ("HBO Now is only available in the US")


It has amazing moments and was a pretty good watch overall, but it suffers from feeling extremely repetitive and the story and character arch of Gösta doesn't really go anywhere until the end. That's not a flaw necessarily because Moodysson is funny enough to make it work most of the time, but it can get a bit annoying when it's drawn out to 12 episodes (especially when Gösta is the most frustrating Moodysson character ever lol). And I also miss the "ugly" look of Show Me Love and Together. Here it almost looks too good if that make sense.