My First Film (Zia Anger)

Started by WorldForgot, November 21, 2022, 05:24:46 PM

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Zia Anger's 'My First Film' From Mubi Sets Odessa Young As Lead

The film is an adaptation of Anger's critically acclaimed live cinema performance piece of the same name.
QuoteThe movie is a deeply personal examination of cinema, body, truth and storytelling, centering on a young filmmaker (Odessa Young) as she recounts the story of struggling to make her first feature. Fact bleeds into fiction, and the past, present, and future converge to create a modern myth that redefines and expands the very act of creation.

Trailer for the "short film" live cinema experience:


I've seen My First Film during Covid: there was a live stream and a shared experience through Messenger. I don't really know how it can be adapted. But I'm there for it.