Superior (Erin Vassilopoulos)

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When Marian is on the run, she goes to the only place she knows is safe: her childhood home. She is greeted by her estranged sister, Vivian, a stay-at-home housewife struggling to conceive and on the verge of a failing marriage. Though the two are identical twins, they live opposite lives. Marian's mysterious return disrupts Vivian's small-town routine, and the sisters must learn to reconnect and reconcile. When Marian's haunting past finally catches up to her, their separate worlds collide, catapulting both sisters into grave danger.

Directed by Erin Vassilopoulos
Written by Erin Vassilopoulos & Alessandra Mesa
Release Date - On blu-ray from Vinegar Syndrome partner label Factory 25 on June 28, 2022