Thor: Love and Thunder

Started by Jeremy Blackman, April 18, 2022, 05:42:11 PM

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Rancid trailer

I will say, though...whatever the hell is going on with those Bale scenes..kinda interesting in a very gaudy, unlike MCU way.


Worse than I expected. Bottom 5 MCU for me

I wish it was desperate in recapturing the Ragnarok magic, yet it doesn't try. This is an aggressively cheap and lazy film that is content to smugly coast by on good will. Formless with no established tone or through line. Every scene is improvised, witless banter without direction that reveals nothing about character or advances story. Bale's subplot is intense but not supported by the overall tossed up vibe. And the CGI might be the worst yet. There's just no proper lighting or shade in any of the imagery on screen


Yikes! lol

Sounds like it will make Ragnarok feel like a fluke within the Thor series.


Waititi has done so much better, and probably will in the future. My friends and I were saying that maybe he's gotten too comfortable trusting the results of his talent, which has often led to some very good work...this had some great visual ideas, but overall lacked a certain substance his previous efforts had.
(and by very good, I mostly think of "Boy" if anyone has missed out on that 'un).