The Fabelmans

Started by Alethia, December 06, 2021, 04:43:14 PM

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Why did they make a poster from the nineties?


i don't know but i am here for it


Digging the poster. I like the look of the moment when the lead character cups the light from the projector in his hands – that's a nice visual. Betting on this being something quite special. It reportedly features David Lynch as John Ford and if that's not a reason for watching I don't know what is.


I want this inside me.


I see this is under-performing at the box office. Not surprising, really, given how the subject matter is unlikely to appeal to anyone except cinephiles, but I think that when even Spielberg can't open a small, character-driven drama at the BO anymore, you know that basically the jig is up for this kind of movie, as far as theatrical releasing goes. Sad.


I don't think it's so simple. Spielberg and PTA have the acumen and clout to bet on themselves with these movies that are way too far removed from the Zeitgeist.

This iz gonna seem like a silly comparison but if 'Dog' performs better than Fabelmans in 2022, does that imply something about the audience's interest toward small dramas or does it highlight how the old-head auteurs aren't tailoring their scripts to an audience that exists. Scorsese has kept on the pulse of mature filmz in a pertinent way. They're not blockbusters, but they stick to the culture.

"when even Spielberg can't open a small, character-driven drama at the BO anymore"
Small, character-driven dramas have never been Spielberg's strong suit or his BO earners. West Side Story's lack of impact could have indicated that without his special effects he's gonna have an uphill climb.


Personally, I don't need to see another movie about how magical cinema can be, I just want to see movies that make me feel the way these filmmakers were made to feel by the movies that made cinema feel magical to them.
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I agree that Fabelmans is certainly a hard sell. Perhaps I was being too gloomy. I'm sure Spielberg didn't really expect it to be a breakout success and only made it because he has the clout to do so. Given the billions he has made for Hollywood – and continues to generate through his role in various massively successful franchises – what's 40 million dollars, plus marketing? Although the studio that bankrolled it might not feel quite so rosy...

I suspect he'll pivot to making something big and spectacular next, though, to prove he's still got pulling power at the BO. Some kind of action-adventure vehicle. Maybe that pirate movie he's talked about (though pirate movies often bomb, of course), or the Bullitt sequel (a movie filled with Spielberg-directed car chases would no doubt be amazing).


Quote from: polkablues on November 28, 2022, 02:31:54 PMPersonally, I don't need to see another movie about how magical cinema can be...

The Fabelmans, despite the tone of its marketing, is in numerous respects kind of the antithesis of that...


It's just right fuckin here to watch forever <3

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Just saw this over in the UK, where it's finally opened theatrically (no idea why we have to wait so long for some of this stuff!)

I liked it a lot. Surprised at how moving I found it to be. A quietly profound look at how art can be a means of both confronting and avoiding the difficult business of living.

The best film Spielberg has made in over 15 years.