Best Film of 2016 – Redux

Started by Jeremy Blackman, April 19, 2018, 02:02:39 PM

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Best Film of 2016 – Redux

3 (12%)
Green Room
6 (24%)
The Love Witch
2 (8%)
5 (20%)
3 (12%)
The Witch
6 (24%)

Total Members Voted: 25

Jeremy Blackman

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Living life big time


People really love The Witch on here, huh?


THE LOVE WITCH is on Amazon Prime so make sure you actually see it before incorrectly assuming that it's not the best movie of 2016.


I appreciate the heads up--this film hadn't registered on my radar two years ago--but I'm with modage on this one.
"When something doesn't resonate, it quickly becomes a tedious endurance test."


This is our best category.

Narrowly ahead of most disappointing film.

Jeremy Blackman


It's a tie between Green Room and The Witch!
Living life big time

The Ultimate Badass

The Witch is the real deal. That a rookie director could produce a movie like this is astounding. This movie does a lot of amazing things while remaining utterly compelling. Robert Eggers is my new PTA: The director who's movies I must see.