Is the Spec Script Dead?

Started by wilberfan, January 19, 2018, 03:16:46 PM

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"R.I.P. for the spec script, long a source of some of Hollywood's most beloved films."

QuotePrimarily, the industry's desire for previously published works, from novels to comic books, took much of the blame for the collapse. But economic forces, from globalization to the downfall of the rental DVD market, were also cited as factors in the death of the spec; talented writers' increasing preference to work in television is considered another factor.

Another culprit: Hollywood is making far fewer movies than it did even 10 years ago. Coincidentally or not, Hollywood box office receipts in 2017 slipped to their lowest level since 1995, amid summer flops and a dearth of fresh ideas.

I didn't realize the modern spec script movement began with Goldman and "Butch Cassidy".


Spec scripts nowadays are basically a job interview. If a studio loves a writer's script, they won't actually make it into a movie, they'll just hire the writer and assign them to an existing in-development project. If you have an original idea you actually want made and can't produce independently, you'd better be able to structure it into a limited series and hope Netflix or Amazon likes it.
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