Sion Sono

Started by Robyn, October 19, 2017, 04:28:05 PM

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I have only seen Love Exposure yet, and it's fucking amazing.

Exhibiting astonishing dexterity, Mr. Sono shapes all this trauma into a narrative that's completely coherent and surprisingly touching, never more so than in Yu's struggle toward sexual maturity.

This four-hour opus about the fury of love and the love of fury is ritually fascinating, often excessive and, with a caution the film wields like a blade, achingly poignant.

Would the film be easier to take in a more condensed form? Of course it would, but then it wouldn't be the singularly overwhelming oddity that it is.


One of my all time favorite films, but likewise the only of his I've seen!
Going to check out Suicide Club next, I think.


I love this movie also. I've seen a handful of Sion Sono films and there's something amazing to glean from all of them. LOVE EXPOSURE really and truly bowled me over, though. The quickest 4-hour cinema experience of my life.


xavier dolan: I Killed My Mother has the best paint scene!
sion sono: hold my beer


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Can't bode well when you have to consult with some "we" to sort out the facts.  :yabbse-undecided: