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Ugh god damn it NY is dead now


Directed by Carlota Pereda

Currently being expanded into a feature


Enter Achilles (1996)

QuoteSet in a British pub, eight men have their night out. Blokish fun is balanced on a knife-edge of tension, where weakness is exploited and violence covers up vulnerability. Originally created for the stage by DV8 Physical Theatre.

"In Newson's case, that complication is rooted in the personal. Born in Albury, the young Newson moved around the country with his Air Force family and was exposed, in numerous locations, to the expectations and limitations that hover around orthodox notions of maleness. For a young, gay man growing up in the regions, this was problematic.

"I have a very complicated relationship with the whole notion of working class masculinity," he admits. Yet, he still considers himself working class and feels "connected" to that community. This, despite moving to the UK in 1980, and enjoying a stellar, award-winning career in dance.

"We accept that men have traditionally oppressed women," he continues, "but how oppressive have men been to themselves? [And so] in making this work, it's very important to me not to vilify, particularly now. I definitely don't want to vilify working class men...because I understand their rage against the cultural elite."

Little wonder the company he co-founded in 1986, DV8, has a reputation for challenging the aesthetic and class norms of contemporary dance. As he notes, he is known for saying "dance is the Prozac of the artforms." He consciously and consistently breaches the stylistic and physical parameters of dance and, indeed, is no great fan. "After about five minutes, I'm bored of the pointy feet and the pretty lines and the abstraction.""